Need some general help on which day for each park in late Feb

Travel Dates are Feb 25th - March 2nd.

Youngest daughter (10) and myself are flying down on the evening of Feb 25th for a Birthday Girl & Mom trip. We will have 4 day park hoppers and will be staying at the Poly. We will have two days together (before sisters & Dad fly in) and she wants to do a day at MK and then a day at HS to check out the Toy Story Rides we've missed and see Galaxy's Edge.

Which park should we do on 2/26 (Wed) & 2/27 (Thurs)?

My older daughters (15 & 13) will arrive on Thursday evening with Dad and it will be too late to do any parks with them that night. They too want to see Galaxy's Edge for a day and then want to do AK for FOP and EE. Birthday girl will want to do FOP as well but wants to do Safari while the teenagers do Everest so our AK day won't be a long one.

We are checking out Saturday 2/29 from the Poly to head over to Universal for two nights. So we don't want Saturday to be a huge day.

Which day should we do family HS and & AK between 2/28 (Fri) & 2/29 (Sat)?

Thanks for any advice!


FWIW- we generally go that week and we fly out on the latest Saturday evening flight. Recently, we've scheduled AK to take advantage of EMH. We've had really good luck packing our stuff, dropping our bags at luggage check, and making it in plenty of time to take advantage of EMH. By noon, we are kicking around looking for something to do before our flight leaves.