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It is almost time for me to make FPPs for my Sept. trip. The new HS tiering system has me unsure of what to FPP. With the refurb going on for Tot, I know the wait times have been long. So, would it be better to make a FPP for Tot over SDD? If they are done with the Tot work by Sept, I am guessing a FPP won't necessarily be a top priority for it. Anyone have any advice, or in the same situation?


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I would go with whichever one is the most important to you. You may have a better chance of getting a SDD FP as a 4th FP than you will for ToT.


Agree with jilly. Tough to know anything for sure. I'd grab whichever ride is most important for your party. I don't think we've heard anything about the end of ToT refurb other than that it will last "through summer." If that's up to full capacity, that might be better bet for a 4th FP+. But I wouldn't count on anything there.

If you're not rope-dropping GE, I think ToT-RnR would be a more pleasant rope drop experience than TSL. But I'd just grab whatever I thought my party would enjoy the most. When there's a lot of uncertainty, as here, it's nice to have at least one thing in your pocket, and I'd rather have that one thing be the single most important thing I could have instead of a key component of a more complicated plan.

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I agree with above however if they are both equally as important, I would grab whichever FP+ is harder to get (if possible) which is arguably SDD. I agree with Hizouse that rope dropping ToT + RnR is a much better experience. Depending on the ages of the group, the Single Rider Line of RnR is also an option (although with the new Tiering I'd expect that line to be larger than usual).
Also, TSM tends to keep a low wait for the first hour. Espcallyu in early Sept. if you RD ToT+RnR and able to get a 10AM ish FP+ for SDD, you could hustle over to TSL hope on TSM with low wait, then use FP+ on SDD and be WAAAAAAAY ahead of the game.


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I am lost as well. I have kind of put off planning anyting until now since I didn't even know how to go about things. Could turn out to be a great day with how little planning I am doing. To have at least part of our trip just winging it and going with the flow or be an utter disaster.

We do thankfully have two days this trip set aside for hollywood studios. So my approach is one day to rope drop galaxys edge (our wednesday) then hit slinky dog with fastpass and hope for toy story midway mania with lower wait. Then the other day (our saturday) to rope drop tower of terror and rock n roller coaster. I'll probably fastpass rock n roller coaster too since its my sons birthday and thats like his only request. To ride and rock n roller coaster a bunch on his bday.

Our plan is to do what we can through lunch time then go back to sleep and just hang by the pool since that would already be a very long, long morning each day.
Our plan is to do what we can through lunch time then go back to sleep and just hang by the pool since that would already be a very long, long morning each day.
That sounds good to me!

If you're onsite SIandAM, use the 6-9am EMH at HS in Sept. You'll need to sacrifice your sleep schedule but could get a big advantage and leave HS by noon for a long break.

You might do RnRc x3, ToT or Slinky Dog (FP the other @10 or 11a), and if interested in GE try to make it over before 7:30a hoping crowds aren't maxed yet. You could use FP 2+3 for after you return to HS after 5pm. Or use all 3 FPs before your break and secure a 4th for the evening right after you tap the style on FP3 (FP1 9-10a. FP2 10-11a, FP3 11-12p [arrive 11a for FP3], book FP4 for 5-6p, and leave HS for break after ride). Or if you're not too wiped out by 11a, maybe find a 4th FP to use right away, then book 5th for when you'll return from the break.

If Indy Jones is important, make sure to view its limited show times to work with a break.

We're going mid-Dec. With confirmed Dec 5 open for 2nd GE ride 'Rise of the Resistance', will there at least be 7-9am EMH to work with? It's impossible to plan with any confidence. I've heard about 4-hour GE windows for onsite guests, but who knows how that will work. Anyone? :D


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Our September 22nd plan is Extra Extra Magic Hours starting at 6am for our HS day and FP for SDD since it’s a hard FP to get. The rest we’ll play by ear until we see what happens after August 29th!