New reviews GF DF Vivoli il Gelato and Hanger Bar


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I added two new reviews for Disney springs gluten free dairy free from March. Took me a while to get photos up! They are the first two reviews found here .
Basically, both had great options for gluten free dairy free. The Gelato place had a special of the day that was all sorbet and lovely to look at, if not too sour.
The Hanger Bar was such a fun environment! I loved the theme, the details, and the VIEW! I am so glad we stopped. The kids didn't seem overly excited about their food, but I loved my shrimp BLT on gluten free crust!
Photos here
I would recommend doing both early in the day as we had no lines, and were able to walk around and check out all the decoration details without bothering anyone. And if your kids like to see fish, we saw some huge ones over the edge of the outdoor boat table area! There were distracting and aggressive birds, but not too bad. It was really nice.

One thing I didn't mention in the review is that my daughter found a long black hair in her gelato special (from the server, who was a sweet and helpful girl). These things happen. She just stopped eating and took it back. The woman right away went to make another, but having lost her appetite, she got a fancy soda instead. All ended just fine.