New Tower at Coronado Deluxe Suite Club level vs Saratoga Springs 1 Bdr Thanksgiving?


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I'm probably insane but decided to book a thanksgiving trip when free dining opened. We go at least once a year so I've had many trips and I've gone other thanksgiving weeks and can navigate that. Availability was super low and we like to stay in suites so I grabbed Saratoga Springs but I have been looking for other options to switch to. My first choice would have been a Suite at AKL or Kidani.

Me, Husband, 8 year old daughter.

Today a Club Level Deluxe Suite at Coronado popped up in the new tower. I grabbed it because Saratoga seems to have more availability plus shiny and new sounds fun. Now I need to contemplate whether I made an OK choice or might need to switch back haha.

The Deluxe Suite on Coronado tower has 2 rooms which is fine for us. It looks to have 1.5 baths. I can't tell but the downside is that it appears to not have a refrigerator. It also doesn't have in room laundry which is a nice perk but I think I can do without.

We have the deluxe dining plan which we usually use by doing 1 Signature and 1 regular meal per day (foodies). Coronado seems to have some promising new dining options.

I've never done Club Level before.

I think I want you to tell me that between the Club Level and Dining Plan I'm not going to miss having a fridge =)

Anyone know of any big downsides to the new Coronado Tower or have great arguments why Saratoga would be more awesome?


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PS.. I will likely change my dining plan down to regular from Deluxe if we keep this reservation with Club Level.


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I think changing to regular plan or even skipping the dining plsn is a good idea if staying club. Absolutely you won't miss the kitchen or fridge. We had a bunch of snacks we brought from home and didn't touch them.


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Thank you! I have actually watched more videos and finally spied that it does have a mini fridge hidden in a cabinet so I feel better now. I like to have bottles of water/drinks and a few snacks around in case we are exhausted and don't want to leave the room which usually happens at some point during a trip.
You are not going to miss having a fridge (even if you have one) lol. Reg 1TS/1QS DDP could be plenty in combo with the Chronos Lounge.

Club Level also allows you to buy the extra 3 FP package, which have a 90 day window, can use in different parks from first 3 FPs and you get a viewing for fireworks every night - $50pp/day.

That sounds like an awesome trip!