New Year's Eve - 3 (or 4) parks in one day - GAMEPLAN NEEDED!


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Ok, I have never been to WDW on New Year's Eve until now, and my intent is to do 3 (or possibly 4) parks in one day. Timing, MAJOR planning, and preparedness are key here. Intent is to start at Magic Kingdom (for AM EMH), then go to Epcot, then AK, (maybe do HWS, time/crowd levels permitting) and then head back to MK for Fantasy in The Sky (11:50pm show). Crowds are likely going to be heavier than what I've faced before too, so this is no surprise. And take note, this plan is assuming 1.) MK/AK/HWS opens at 8am with MK having AM EMH at 7am; and 2.) MK will hit capacity before noon.

Gameplan is as follows
NLT 6:15-6:30am - Bus from AOA to MK
AM EMH Starts at 7am

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Peter Pan's Flight
  • Journey Under The Sea (if time allows)
-------MK opens at 8am--------------------
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Haunted Mansion (if time permits)
Ferry or Monorail to TTC, then Monorail to Epcot
  • Test Track (w/ FP+ or Single Riders)
  • Mission Space Green Team (w/ FP+)
  • Soarin (w/ FP+)
  • Nine Dragons Lunch (ADR - 12:00pm)
Bus from Epcot to AK
  • Flight of Passage (w/ FP+ if available)
  • Expedition Everest (Single Riders)
  • DINOSAUR (w/ FP+)
  • Dinner - TBD (likely a TSR)
  • Kali River Rapids (w/ FP+)
NLT 8:30-9:00pm bus from AK to MK

  • Space Mountain (w/ FP+)
  • Go to Main Street Train Station to watch FinTS - question (and hopefully @josh can answer) - Is the train station balcony open to the public during FinTS or no? - show starts at 11:50pm
  • Jungle Cruise
  • maybe Splash Mountain a second time
​Bus from MK to AOA (leave park at 1:15-1:30am)



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This looks fun, but I don’t know how you’re going to get FPs for Test Track and Soarin and whether it’s reasonable to get Same day FPs for FOP. Maybe use you FPs at AK, i.e., go there after MK, then try to get your fourth and subsequent FPs at Epcot.


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I'm doing my Epcot FPs 60 days out.
You can only book one tier one in your first 3. Soarin and TT are both tier one so you can't book both at 60 days in advance.

I'd look for FoP in advance, but if only 1 night onsite it likely won't be available at 60 or 61 days and I'd book Epcot FP instead.

I'd book Soarin and Mission Space FP in advance.
Single rider TT.
Due to a loophole, since you've only booked 2 FP in advance as soon as you tap in for MS you can start looking for a 3rd FP in any tier at another park. I'd start refreshing like crazy looking for FoP at this point.
Soarin with FP

You may not get all the extra FP you are looking for, but with 1 person you have the best chance and with flexibility should be fun!

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Your hurdle is going to be traffic. Even Disney buses get stuck in that.
Personally, NYE is not the day to get in 3, 4 parks for that reason alone.
What usually takes 15 min can take 3 hours. There's like, less than zero percent chance you will get from AK to MK at 9:00 at night nor get anywhere close to main street 10 min before the show

You have no worries about capacity closures. Unless you plan to buy your ticket at the gate, you will get in. MK hasn't had beyond a phase 1 or maybe 2, in decades.