No more GAC cards


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As an adult living with Asperger's I can tell you how it feels to me. I dont have that wonderful filter that everyone else seems to have. My brain cannot differentiate between important stimuli and non important stimuli. I am the one that has to filter that all out myself and yes it is exhausting at times. It is also why I get overwhelmed. My brain gets all jumbled up with everything trying to compete for attention all at once. I need time to clear my head. It is like having a big traffic jam inside your head. Nothing is gonna get through when everything else is taking up all the space in there. Someone asked why on this thread earlier , if the extra stimuli at Disney is what bothers people with Autism then why visit Disney. Well, I deal with this everyday. Just sitting in my house I have to filter out the noise and flashing lights from the tv, noises my kids are making, the smell of dinner I cooked, noise from my aquarium, etc. Etc while I am sitting here trying to formulate my response to this thread. Disney is just amplified a little bit from what I deal with on a daily basis. It is much easier to get overwhelmed in Disney, dont get me wrong, but I deal with the same sort of thing everyday.


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Thanks for sharing that. I want to read it to my DD to see if she feels the same way. I think thats why she always has to spend an hour in her room immediately upon coming home from anywhere! She just needs that quiet time, so I wont be surprised to hear her agree with what you are saying!!