No morning FP at MK?


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Hi. I made my fast passes for Magic Kingdom last Saturday for Jan 16. I have a 9:40-10:40, 10:40-11:40, and 11:40-12:40. I went to change the 10:40-11:40 slot and every ride at MK shows no morning availability. I know this can’t be because we are still a ways out and I am talking about every ride down to IASW. Do they hold back morning times and release them later? Are they not showing me the times because I am so tight time wise in the mornings? I want to change that 10:40-11:40 slot and since there are only 2 of us I don’t think it should be a problem.


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My guess is this is happening because it will not show you times that overlap with ones you already have... so only exactly 10:40 works for that slot, 10:35 overlaps with the one before it and 10:45 overlaps with the one after it. Possible something else is going on, but I think that is most likely.

Depending on what your other ones are you could try to push them forward or backward a bit just to see what opens up. But, if a hard to get (like 7DMT) you may just want to leave it alone.

I will be booking FP+ tomorrow morning for our January trip, so maybe see you down there.