October 7-14 2011 WDW with DD6, my Mom, and my Hubby (his first visit finally!)


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And guess what - I just said this over on Facebook tonight (some of you see me there), but I went to a free park concert (my first one this season) up the street near our local Cinemark and IMAX, and I had a friend meet me there because we were both signing up to try and win two tickets to the Harry Potter premiere (part two movie) for Thursday. In fact, it's for a 7 pm showing at the IMAX with assigned seats (so, no lining up early is necessary)! And it's before everyone else gets to see it just after midnight when it really premieres! I didn't win myself, but my friend Grace won and she's taking me. So we get to see it for freeeeeeeeeeee! More good news: My grandma (Dad's mom in northern CA) finally finished watching her DVD of the part one movie and it arrived in my mail today so now it's to add to my collection and I can re-watch it now before going to see the part two film. For freeeeeeeeee! lol Bye for now.


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I got busy with the cell phone camera this morning (which is now our only camera - wound up returning the new one I wrote about earlier. Defective, isn't waterproof as advertised, won't work well any more - got full refund) and took some pictures of the t-shirts we'll be wearing in the parks (just four that Hubby has, two of which I also have - plus a couple more that I have for myself, and about six shirts that Kimberly has. While I was at it I photographed other Disney wearable items that were around). On Photobucket I have the files in alphabetical order by title so I'll just describe them as I post them out of order now:

cap I got recently from Disney Movie Rewards, and here is the back of it (doesn't show up well but it's Mickey Mouse)

One of Kimberly's Snow White socks (yes, we have the other one):

An old poster (from 1986 or 1987, I think) that's up in her room:

A t-shirt my sister-in-law gave her a couple years ago after their own Orlando trip (still fits her):

A princess t-shirt she wore on arrival day for our May 2010 trip (I think it's really a pajamas top, which would explain why it's so soft - but she wears it as a t-shirt in daylight):

Some princess PJs she got this past Christmas that are probably too warm for this October's trip but I photo'd them anyway as if we'll take them:

Kimberly's princess ball cap exclusively from Disney Movie Rewards:

A cute frilly nightgown I got her because it had Princess Tiana on it from "Princess & the Frog" (whom she loves, although her fave princess changes just about monthly):

The nightgown she was wearing this morning when I got her out of bed to get ready to go to Vacation Bible School (VBS):

Another poster in her room, with almost all the princesses (I added the Tiana sticker at the bottom right...looks like she's floating up near the castle towers):

Her new Phineas & Ferb shirt from the boys' department at JCPenney (girls like them, too!) - she can wear this on our DHS day:

A shirt that was handed down to her from a friend, featuring the Little Mermaid (free, I like that!):

Her other two Disney hats...pink one is from Disneyland (it's infant size...her head is still very small, and we got this back when she was 4) and the other one was her b'day hat from the May 2010 trip (ordered ahead of time so we had it on the plane ride):

A Grumpy shirt I got for Hubby at Target (pretty cheap) and he likes it:

The Four Parks/One World shirt I got over a year ago on Disney Store's website (Hubby and I both have this shirt):

My Mickey Fireworks shirt from Walmart I've had for a while (a CM at Disney's CA Adventure stopped me at the turnstiles once and asked where I got it because he'd never seen it before. I think Hubby has this shirt, too):

The other shirt I got Hubby at Target...and I love it because it's Donald Duck posing as the Old Spice ad guy....Hubby likes it too:

A CLEAR backpack I got today at Walmart for $9 - it'll save time at the bag-check line for the parks (that is, if the rest of my party isn't carrying anything...it'll save time for me personally anyway). I know the plastic-ness of it might make me a little sweaty, but hey it's waterproof too:

A Chip'n'Dale t-shirt Kimberly can wear to Animal Kingdom:

I rarely wear this one any more (not a big fan of the feminine cut shirt on a heavier person), but I like the design on it:

A shirt both Hubby and I have from Castaway Cay, Disney's island (from our Nov 2009 cruise):

My Castaway Cay cap:

Kimberly's Belle socks (yes, she's wearing them here):

The Aurora poster that's on the inside of her bedroom door (came with some Valentines I bought her one year):

The t-shirt I bought her at the Orlando airport when we were returning from our cruise:

And that's all because I forgot to take a picture of my Fab Five sweatshirt (also bought at the airport, a knock-off....I wore it just once on the November solo trip, but I wear it at home a lot). I'll include a photo of it some other time.

I see some pics attached during my previous process...just ignore any duplicates because now I don't see them in edit mode (to try and delete them).



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Thanks, Jill! Now I have two more to add. Yesterday I ALMOST got Hubby a Cookie Monster t-shirt - he said later he would have been okay with that one but not Kermit (Walmart has a bunch of those right now). Instead, though, I looked in Target today (had to get a new rice cooker and some veggies - this was SuperTarget so it's like a big market, too) and found the following Star Wars shirt....RETRO Star Wars, Episode 4! Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, etc. So I got one for Hubby and one for me (mine is a bit darker than his, I think - they're two different shades of gray). We'll wear these on our DHS day in honor of Star Tours.


And then this morning I remembered to take a picture of the characters on my gray sweatshirt (a knock-off, I think, since it was very cheap at Orlando airport in November 2009, en route back from our cruise):


I'll pack it but I bet I won't wear it. Come to think of it, while I did take it last November on the solo trip I don't think I wore it at all. Instead, I had a lightweight windbreaker I wore a couple evenings over one of my Disney t-shirts. Same thing might happen in October.

My next few days (or weeks) are kind of up in the air. I have the Harry Potter premiere tomorrow night but I'll need to let my friend know that I might not be able to make it after all, so she can take her daughter or her mom or someone if I wind up backing out. The only way I'd back out is if we have to leave for a road trip to CA....my father in law is doing much worse now and they had to do an exploratory surgery on him yesterday to see if there was some blockage in his intestines or something (and there is, yet they can't do anything about it). Basically, he's still in ICU with his wife near him constantly now - and I expect to hear at any moment that he's gone. Hubby knows I'm seeing an ear-nose-throat doc today to see about my ongoing tonsils/throat problem (as a child I should have had the tonsils taken out and never did...I know it's riskier to have it done now as an adult but I want to check it out anyway), and it was tough to get the referral and appointment, so if anything happens we might hit the road after my afternoon appointment, at the earliest. For any funeral plans, anyway, it would be at least a few days away after he passes, so we're just waiting for the word and we'll have time to get down there. All of us this time, not just Hubby. He was there for six days and has been back at work here now since Monday. He'd rather not get the bad news at work (computer lab with other engineers) but I bet that's where his mom will call once the news comes. Unless the sister calls here. We only have cell phones now, no landline. They all know Hubby's number now (it's a pay as you go phone, so usually they just call my phone that serves as our home phone/main number). Anyway, for those of you who pray, please pray that God ends John's suffering and takes him peacefully and soon. He's hooked up to life support now, which he doesn't want - the hospital knows, the family knows....they're basically giving him lots of medicine to keep him comfortable. Thank you.


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I'm in. I've read your trip reports on TGM as well as followed the Fantasyland updates that you contributed. We will be in WDW from October 7-11. We were there for the (almost) same dates last year and had a great time. I'm envious of your Poly reservations. I think that would be my dream stay, espcially for an adults-only trip. Prayers for peace for all of your husband's family.


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Have you tried calling TRex directly? They have a certain number of reservations available through WDW and then make others directly. 407-828-8739. I have a 6:30pm on Saturday, October 8 that I am almost certain I will cancel. If it would be of use to you let me know.


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I just read from start to current! You are the best planner Rebecca! It's going to be such a fun trip for you guys! Love all pics of your Disney shirts, hats, etc - that's quite a collection!
Looking forward to more!


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Thank you, DeAnn. And thanks for that phone number for T-Rex. We have Kona Cafe reservations for that Saturday night, thanks (after we get back from AK), but I'm thinking that if we don't get T-Rex on our DTD night (the Wednesday, our open day except for Tea) we'll just find something somewhere. We girls might still be full from the late afternoon tea at GF, but Hubby will be hungry and we'll find something good. I've written down that phone number and we could even try for reservations that day before heading over there, unless I get something set up before then. In May 2010 we did a walk-up at Rainforest Cafe (on a Monday night), had to wait about 20 minutes but it wasn't too bad and we liked the food. I think Kimberly and Hubby would love the dinosaurs and ice age stuff at T-Rex, so we'll see what happens. I was still thinking about trying for a last-minute ADR at 'Ohanas that night, too, depending on if everyone's up for it and if there's availability (haven't checked today or for several days now, but earlier there was nothing on any night). Of course, if we get 'Ohanas we probably won't head over to DTD at all this trip unless we find a free evening on another night. So far I think we'll only be out "late" on three of our six nights (for Fantasmic, Illuminations, and maybe one of our dinners might run long).

By the way, for anyone wanting to see the fantastic progress that's being made on the new Fantasyland stuff, there are new photos posted in the news section over on wdwmagic.com. Other sites probably have photos and info, too. The Little Mermaid ride building is really coming along (it looks more like the tower/palace area from the movie whereas DCA's version is just a big ornate building). They've started the structures for the Storybook Circusland (or whatever the new Dumbo/Casey Jr area is being called), and the Beauty and the Beast area is really building up with the rockwork going on around the castle facade, etc. My mom will like to see that progress...I'll at least get her near the construction walls so she can see the depicted artwork that's on them (she is an artist, like I said before, and her dream used to be to paint background art for Disney Animation....these types of scenes on the walls are just up her alley).

Bye for now.


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I have just a couple more photos to add now, of two more things going with us on the trip. The clear plastic bag is really my daughter's old skates bag (we gave away the plastic skates now that she has real roller skates), and I figured maybe my mom can use it as her purse on the trip - I'll show it to her soon since we're leaving tomorrow for the 3 day road trip down to CA. I put a sturdier shoulder strap (and longer than what was there before) on the bag. And the other item is a black fanny pack exclusively from Disney Movie Rewards (I have a lot of points, I've been redeeming them for a lot of useful items over the years...even got my Christmas photo cards for this year from them via a Snapfish card package). Hubby says he won't wear the fanny pack, but I'll take it in case my mom or I wear it. I think pretty much everything I'll need in the parks for Hubby, Kimberly and me will fit in the clear backpack. I can try to get Mom to scale down what she normally carries in her overflowing purse (and maybe keep her own poncho in her bag). I forgot there aren't side slots for water bottles in my new backpack but we'll work something out. I might wind up using my regular blue backpack, but bag checks at the parks go fairly quickly anyway - I'm not too worried about being slowed down at the entrance that much. The blue backpack I've taken on previous trips has several compartments that all need to be unzipped for the bag check guy/gal to examine briefly, so that part sometimes slows us down.


Hubby is off work today so he can prep the camper and we'll leave on our road trip down to his family's house in the high desert area of Southern California tomorrow, Friday. We got word early this morning that his father passed away peacefully around 2:30 am at the hospital in Los Angeles. We don't know yet when we'll be back. The funeral will be some time next week. I've been packing my and Kimberly's stuff today and will pack the last minutes stuff like toiletries tomorrow. Hubby made our camp site reservation for tomorrow's destination, in the Fruita/Grand Junction area. After that night we trek through Utah and get part way through Nevada (unless we stop in St. George, Utah, the second night)...then on to Hesperia/Victorville. Kimberly is looking forward to seeing her young cousins (whom she has met just once or twice so far....one is a year older than her and the other one turned 11 at the start of July). Kimberly understands her grandpa is in Heaven now and she'll meet him again some day. That makes her happy. And she enjoyed her last day of Vacation Bible School today (she went three days this week...they finish up tomorrow but we won't be here). I got her to try a crunchy taco from Taco Bell, which she liked, so, hey, maybe Taco Bell can be a lunch stop for us sometimes from now on (it's one of my favorite fast food places....up until now all she liked there were the cinnamon twists).

Anyway, my Droid phone handles internet and Facebook okay but the battery drains a lot quicker when we're away from home, so I'll probably not be online a lot. This site sometimes works well on the phone and other times doesn't, so I might not be on here again until after we get back. I hope that at least two of the items I ordered off Amazon the other day might arrive in today's mail (my car phone charger and the waterproof neck case for the cell phone, plus I ordered "Lion King 1-1/2" on dvd for Kimberly. We had rented it from Netflix and it was pretty scratched up but she watched it several times and loved it). I put a hold on our mail to start tomorrow and last through a couple Tuesdays, figuring two Tuesdays from now might be the earliest we get home. There won't be much to report anyway, about the October trip, between now and the end of the month. I am hoping that when I call Disney next to make a payment before the end of August (it's all due the 23rd) I might find out about any available discounts or PINs that might be applicable to our trip.

And since we leave tomorrow on the road trip, I'm clear to attend the Harry Potter 7 pm IMAX show tonight. My friend will get here at 5:15 so we can go check in by 5:30 for our special arm bands. I saw all the people camping out there near IMAX and Cinemark for the midnight shows today....wow. I'm glad I can bypass all that. They're all peaceful and happy, of course. I'm just glad I don't have to wait around for hours and hours and hours. My friend offered me a chance to back out but I'm good to go. I just won't be here for the second time we were to see it for free (next Saturday morning), so she can take her daughter or someone to that screening. Bye for now.


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My, my! You're more wordy than ever!! :RpS_laugh:

I don't have time to read it all yet, but I just wanted to let you know that I made it over here :RpS_smile: and that I will read it all soon :RpS_blushing:

Michala xx


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Hi again! I'm all caught up now :RpS_cool:

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you get there ok and that the funeral goes as well as can be expected.

On a lighter note, most of our park days line up!! We're at AK on the 8th, DHS in the PM on the 9th, Epcot on 10th and 13th! Crazy.

I'm really hoping for more Fantasmics in October. I think it'll be strange for them to go from 7 days a week, straight down to 2.

I'm loving all of your Disney clothing and accessories, expecially Kimberly's Little Mermaid top - so cute.

Your friend's hats are so imaginative and very, very cute. What a nice present for Kimberly.

I'm looking forward to more, once you get a chance of course!

Michala xx


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Thanks, Michala. We are now almost at St. George, Utah. That's cool we have most of the same park days. I hope we can find each other.


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Hi Rebecca , sorry to hear about your FiL - perhaps a merciful blessing given his suffering

Hope that the road trip and funeral go ok - these things are so hard for families so hope Mark is ok

Love all your WDW loot and am quite envious as I just could not get any of my crew into anything remotely character branded - except maybe Jamie who does like Bart Simpson but he's the only one that would wear character clothes

We are at 385 days still to go ( not that I am counting) but we really need to sort out our West Coast arrangements as the flights will come on release at the end of August and we keep changing our minds. The two boys finih school this week and go to their Dad's for two weeks so Andy and I need to get out the incredible planning spreadsheet and pin down some definite dates - we dont normally book so far in advance so its a bit scary to be this organised !

LOL about the clear bags - I had a see through white mesh tote last year - worked a dream as they could just see right through it , made bag check really quick !

Amanda x

ps - hello Michala - are you ever going to finish your old TR ??? I do look in every now and again in the other place .......


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Thanks, Amanda. Hubby is doing fine. We will drive through a bit of Arizona and a lot of Nevada today and reach the rest of his family some time this afternoon or evening. Another good use I found for the clear princess bag I fashioned for Mom to maybe use as a purse at wdw....I brought it along to show her in CA and I have been using it as a bag to haul everything off to the camp site showers. Everything fits in it, even a large Dove soap bottle. Heavy, too, so I know it can do purse duty for Mom. Or she can use the fanny pack but it isn't clear like the other bags. Bye for now.


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Hi All,
Just checking in from California since I'm still here (now I've been at my parents' house since Saturday, and Hubby drove home with the trailer camper on Saturday - got to Colorado Springs on Sunday so he managed to get there in just two days without us...he took Peanut our dog with him). The funeral service for his dad on Thursday was very nice (emotional, too, of course - Hubby was always fine until he got near his mom and sister, and then they were all emotional...the sister gave a nice eulogy, and Hubby gave the toast at the reception afterwards at a nearby restaurant). Now everyone's getting back into their regular routine....Hubby felt the need to get back to work, so he offered to let Kimberly and me stay on in CA a bit longer (we fly home one way on Thursday now) while he went back to CO. His sister began talking about taking her girls somewhere fun this week before they have to head back to Japan, and let me say that she is just not a planner. Says she wants to go somewhere but won't pin it down and won't say where or when. I heard them talk of Universal Hollywood, Knott's, Legoland (actually that was Hubby's suggestion because he was willing to go back there and get everyone the VIP front of the line passes, it seemed), San Diego, Sea World....they never mentioned Disneyland. So, since it seemed okay now to go do something fun and I wanted to narrow down my own plans, I went ahead and took Kimberly to Disneyland on Sunday (got to my parents' house on Saturday and made sure it was okay with them) with my dad (asked him Saturday night if he wanted to go, and I'm glad I did because he had a good time and we got a great deal with his military ID I'll tell you about later in this report). I will still call over and check with my MIL and/or SIL and see if they'll be in town Tuesday or Wednesday (but they might be gone somewhere for a couple days by that point - there was discussion about the beach and Sea World, because the Air Force bro in law can get them in for free there) to get the cousins together again (Kimberly and her two first cousins, who enjoy each other's company). But if they're gone, gee, I'm thinking about going to DLand again on Wednesday but not for the whole day (there was some stuff we didn't get to do yesterday, and I'll mention it in the mini report). Yes, I took notes and will type up a little report and add some photos from our day at DLR and DCA to keep you entertained until the October WDW trip gets closer. And the reason we might go back soon is because the deal we got through my dad's military ID was a 3-day park hopper ticket, good until September 2012, and the three days don't have to be consecutive but do have to be used by the person whose name is on the ticket. Dad has his ticket to save for later use, and I have mine and Kimberly's. MAYBE we'll get to use one or two more days on that ticket for when Cars Land opens at DCA next summer. We were planning to come for a few days next October, during Kimberly's fall break, but I'll watch for when Cars Land opens and maybe these passes will benefit us sooner. I'll just say for now that we rode the new Star Tours (in DL's Tomorrowland) and the new Little Mermaid ride (in DCA, same ride interior as what's coming to MK's Fantasyland) yesterday, and they're both awesome. Very well done. They were my two main "must dos" yesterday and we did them, along with lots of other attractions. More later about all of that. And my clear, see-through backpack was a big hit. The gal at the security bag check table just barely examined it and said, "I love that bag." And a lady in line behind us at a meet'n'greet admired it so I told her how quick and easy it made bag checks and that it was $9 at Walmart.