Offsite hotel recommendation


Hi all -
My mom is now joining us on our August trip and has decided to fly to MCO and use her miles to have our kids fly with her. DH are still driving (yep - from upstate NY!).
Our check in date is a Saturday. They are flying in Friday night.

I am unfamiliar with offsite hotels. I am looking for hotel recommendations or an “area” of hotels that Mom and the kids can easily Uber/Lyft to and we will meet them there. This way our timing doesn’t have to be perfect. They will each only have a carry on, so luggage isn’t an issue.
Kids will be 18 and 15, btw, so Mom will be fine with them on her own. Lol.
We check in to YC the next day.

Also, any ideas on a ballpark price for the ride to the hotel would be appreciated.


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Are you looking for something close to WDW or the airport? The Disney Springs area is nice, and they could always go to Disney Springs if they’re looking for something to do. We spent one night at the B Resort and thought it was pretty reasonably priced.


Ok, we can do that. How long does it take to get to DS from MCO? Approx how much should we budget for the cost?


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For me, it might depend on how late they are getting in. If it's not super late, Disney Springs area would be my go-to. If it is, closer to the airport might make more sense. Another option: a Value room (assuming two of them would be willing to share a bed) or two, which would allow them to use Magical Express and luggage transfer to YC the next day.
If it were me, I would call central reservation line to see if there is an extra night available at the Yacht Club, or a single night available at any of the values. If they don't have anything, call the next day, and the next, and keep calling until you find something cheap. This way they can still use the Magical Express to get onto property.

Yes, the offsite hotel may be cheaper, but tack on the cost of the Uber/Lyft [just googling an uber price estimator from MCO to Disney Springs is roughly $33 to $35] and you are looking at just as much, if not more, than the cost of one night at a value resort. Plus, grandma and the kids can still do all the non-park Disney stuff they want to do, Disney Springs, pools, other resorts, etc.