'Ohana Dinner


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Tried for 3-4 months to get a reservation for dinner at 'Ohana with no luck. Only times that ever popped up were after 9:30pm. Finally 2 days before our trip I was able to get a reservation for 7:10pm on 9/19 - our arrival day!

First time at 'Ohana and I had read plenty of positive and negative reviews the past couple months. DW and I thought it was excellent. Only problem was too much food! DS8 and DD6 loved dancing and the games with Auntie Kau'i. Kept them away from the table enough for DW and I to enjoy dinner and a few minutes alone.

Bread, salad, chicken wings, potstickers/dumplins were all amazing. Had two sauces - sweet and sour and peanut. Both were very good. Meats were steak, pork, chicken, and shrimp. All were very good. I like my steak rare to medium rare. A couple pieces from the end of the skewer were medium and a bit overcooked for my liking, but the pieces closer to the middle of the skewer were medium rare and excellent. The pork and shrimp were also excellent. The chicken was good, but just grilled chicken. Nothing exceptional. Kids frowned on the food, as I suspected they might. Mine are not very adventurous when it comes to food. They tried everything, then asked for a hot dog and chicken nuggets. Server gladly brought a hot dog and fries for my DS8 and chicken nuggets and fries for my DD6. I am the only one in my family who loves bananas. I have to say the banana bread pudding with ice cream and bananas foster sauce was out of this world! Unfortunately I was too stuffed to eat more than a few bites.

I was a bit worried after seeing some negative reviews, but I have to say the food, service, everything was excellent. 'Ohana is however not quiet or romantic. If you are looking for good food, and a nice sit down dinner you will feel comfortable taking young kids to, 'Ohana is it. We always stay at the Polynesian, so this was a perfect TS dinner for our family.


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The chicken was good, but just grilled chicken. Nothing exceptional.
Makes perfect sense. White meat. BORING. (See fatty-meat sub-thread.)

Glad you had fun. 'Ohana is a good time. It's great when the ADR gods smile upon you.


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Sounds delicious! We won't be eating at Ohana on my upcoming trip but I hope to make it there sometime!!


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Thanks for sharing... after what seems like months of trying I managed to get an ADR at 'Ohana :RpS_thumbsup:
I cannot wait to try it out !!!


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Great review, thanks! We were able to get a 5pm ADR on our MK day so we were thrilled!


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On a friends recommendation, we went there for dinner on our last trip. I have to say that I am not a fan. Nothing against the quality of the food, or the quantity, both were great.. but I have never been a fan of sweet sauces on meat.. and the marinade they use was a bit sweet for my taste. The pork was good, and I am not much of a shrimp fan, but I did try everything.

I do, however, have to concur with the review of the desert. I don't usually go for bread pudding, but this stuff was amazing. Especially when you pour that caramel sauce on top..

I certainly understand the draw for this place, but it is just not my cup of tea, so you don't have to worry about us taking a ADR from you in the future..

Although, I would like to try it for breakfast sometime..


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Food wise, my family enjoyed the chicken wings, noodles and shrimp.
The other meat was mediocre.
Needless to say, everyone found the dessert to be awesome.
They all thanked me for warning them to leave some room for the dessert.
Overall, it was also one of the TS that the family enjoyed.


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To me, 'Ohana is all about potstickers, coconut bread and shrimp. It's very fun for the kids (without characters) and the service is great. We love it for an MK break, especially when we go back for Wishes.


it's all about the dipping sauces mixed with the skewers (shrimp & steak), chicken wings, and bread for me. the wife loves the noodles, potstickers, and shrimp. we both leave happy.


Going there for the first time the end of January on our first day. Hoping to do some MK before and maybe after. I think everyone in my party is going to like it!