Okay....so what do we think about this FASTPASS article?


what do we do when we're there?
I have to re work everything for my Easter trip.
This is back to the way it used to be.


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Guys- remember that crazy stat-- like only about 5% of people who go to Disney read anything? THey think you have to buy Fast PAsses. They have always thought you had to return when it said. This isn't going to change ANYTHING for the vast majority of people. THey won't even know there was a change.

It's just us. We suffer as a very small minority.

I can't use my smilie face sig tonight, though. I need a shot of tequila.
: (


what do we do when we're there?
Wondering if this will increase EMH attendance-Josh, hope you don't have a lot to do in March.:behindsofa: you are gonna be out there!

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Arrrggg. This reported change would happen smack dab in the middle of my trip (March 3-14) :(

Is it April fool's day in March?? Maybe this will turn out to be a big mistake (wishful thinking, cross fingers, wishful thinking...).

On the other hand, many who use the fastpasses think that this was already the case (I myself thought I was married to my return time the first time I went to Disney).


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Can you imagine how fun this will be? People getting up in the dark Finding Nemo theatre and pushing open the noisy exit doors and flooding the room with light because they didn't know the show wasn't 20 minutes long and they have a ride to catch? How about the people yelling at the servers to hurry up so they don't miss a ride? How about yelling when they seat you 30 minutes late for your ADR and caused you to miss a FP? How about people jumping up from the table and running over to the characters because they don't have time to wait for them to come to their table because now they have to hurry and leave to meet their FP time? How about people running through the park with their stroller and crashing into people as they are trying to get back to their FP time before it expires? Darting across a parade path to not miss it? Screaming at the CMs because the posted wait time was wrong at the previous attraction and now they missed their FP return time? This is off the top of my head. SOOOO many people will be angry more than once during the day, the CMs will be tired of being yelled at, the guests will be upset...what a magical place this will be. Ugh. Six Flags and Universal do THIS better. Your "FP" may cost money but it doesn't create chaos with expiration times. I think this will hurt them in the long run. More people will talk about the bad times they experience and how frustrated they were each time Disney "Screwed up" with late ADRs, getting stuck on ride, incorrect wait times, too long for a character meal, etc causing them to miss a ride reservation. I hope this blows up in Disney's face in a BIG way and they have to backtrack like Netflix with egg all over their face. Or they get sued from injuries people get when they get run over due to this policy.
Oh good lord, I can see MANY of those things happening! Holy moly.


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So bummed out-wish our vacation was a week earlier! We're there March 10th through the 19th-just starting touring plans-guess it's back to the drawing board!


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Someone should start an 'baby rental' business. Swaps are going to be Gold.
This might be my dream job. Payment will be my lodging: So in essence I get free lodging and you take my kids.... I might learn to like this no late return time :RpS_razz:

In reality though, we are there the 3-11th. It will be interesting to see how and if it actually occurs over the course of the trip. Not to mention... they need all the CM's on the same page to do it. How likely is that?


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This will be the biggest nightmare at DHS. You have no control over the TSM return time. How does THAT work with JTA sign ups where you also have little control?! They only have 4 rides and 3 require FP. The rest are shows you can't schedule to see anymore. I guess you can just get up in the middle of the show and leave. That won't disturb anyone.


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Forget Disney. We are canceling our trip and going to Universal. At least they have front of the line if you stay onsite. DH actually said this when I told him about the FP change. :RpS_rolleyes: I think I will be having nightmares about my touring plans for a while now.



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I'd gladly accept a "pay for FP" system like FOTL/Express at US/IoA if this new policy goes way the I'm thinking it will.
Really I would.


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Seriously?!? This again? It seems that once the uproar settles down, this 'rumor' starts up again. Hope nothing comes of it, just like last time (and the time before that).


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I don't think it's a rumor. I would expect to see an "official document" by the end of the day tomorrow.


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Oooohhhhh the insanity.

It'll be fine.

It always is.
You are great, Josh. Your site is great. You are so lucky that you visit WDW often. But when you can only go every few years, you have to squeeze in all the fun you can into just a few days. Being able to use the FP's "whenever" really helps. Wonderful Christine helped me with a plan last summer. We rode more rides during that visit than the previous two visits combined. So some of us may be temporarily insane as we process this sad news. However, you are right, things will work out.


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Wow, I am totally bummed. For some reason I didn't think this would happen. I will wait for the "offical" word before I start to hyper ventilate.....LOL!


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Nobody knows what this is going to look like. It's just doomsday scenario after doomsday scenario. It happens with every single change. The Epcot "removal of the rope drop ceremony" was supposed to be the worst thing since World War I. Turned out to be better. Same with Hollywood Studios. What if there are more FASTPASSes with return times that are closer to when they're pulled? What if FASTPASS windows are 90 minutes or two hours instead of 60 minutes? What if...

You don't know.