One Disney Question per Day-- August Pre-Trip Report


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One Disney Question per Day-- August Trip Report-Complete!

One (1) Disney question per day. That is what my family has limited me to. So when I need to find out if DS7 wants to brave Expedition Everest, Rockin' Rollercoaster or Tower of Terror this year instead of Triceratop Spin and Muppets, it takes me a whole week to find out! And then there are those days that I impulsively ask a stupid question like “Honey, if we eat a buffet breakfast at 8:00, do you think we would want dinner at 5:00 or 6:00?” :doh:Seriously? I used my One question for that? (he is thinking the same thing). It is a darn good thing I had 368 days to plan this trip!

This trip was booked on August 16, 2010. It has been almost 1 entire year since I booked and I feel like this trip is NEVER going to get here. I have done three trip reports on TGM and had decided to not do one this time, but I learned SO much from TR’s I have read in the past and decided that since Josh’s site is the up and coming thing, I would do a TR in hopes that someone may glean some information for their trip.

We leave in 19 days!! (August 19-28)

Who we are:

Me-Rhonda-40 something. I fell in love with WDW on our first trip in 2009. I am more of a web surfer than a planner, but found planning sites and got bit by the bug. We really needed it for our daughter too. I am really more a fan of the actual parks than of all things Disney. I don’t have Mickey stuff in my house but I would love the replica of Main Street or the Train Station!

However at $345 I dont think it is going to happen anytime soon (or ever)
I am a school social worker and love my job. I am very involved in committee work and in our union. By doing this I get to fulfill my passion which is knowing everything that is happening.:RpS_blushing:

DH- Ace- Went in 2009. Had fun. Had no desire to do it again. He liked it, but no more than the local amusement park, or any other vacation we have ever taken. He feels that we should go somewhere different instead of going back to the same place. But he IS going this time and truth be told, I think he is looking forward to it.
Ace is a high school English teacher and former baseball coach. We work at the same school and he proposed to me at a staff meeting. We have been married since 1998. Ironically enough, we hardly ever see each other at school and can only manage to ride to school together 1-2 times a week.

DD- Molly-11-Smart, witty, serious. She has aspergers (high functioning autism) and extreme social anxiety. She does not do well with crowds and if she believes someone is “looking at her”, she loses it. It makes it hard sometimes to go places, and we have found that we need to be moving so her anxiety doesn’t get ahold of her. Touring plans and fast passes have been the key to success for our trips. If we had to stand in line, she would not make it. She is starting to mature and is growing into a beautiful young lady with a good head on her shoulders. She starts middle school next year and I am a wreck!!:RpS_crying:

DS-Mason-7-goofy but sensitive. He is tough to describe. He is pretty extreme in his emotions. He either loves you or hates you. He is either in a great mood or a horrible mood. He is not a gray kid. But when he is in a good mood, he is a riot to be around! He has a large mole under his eye and EVERYONE asks him who punched him. Just this week we found out it is starting to affect his vision and we need to see another plastic surgeon (the first one said they cant remove it because there are so many lid muscles there)

So that’s who we are. I would say we are all excited about this trip, but I'm not sure that is entirely true. So this is where I come to be excited! I hope you will all indulge me!

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Thanks Ladies! I am excited to be a first August TR on this site!! I know TR's were so darn helpful to me when I started this process. I think since I need to do something to pass the time, I will do synopsis' of our last trips which were in June. I love the pictures in TR's so fortunately or unfortunately there will probably be a lot!!
So coming tomorrow will be late June 2009, at CBR pirate room.


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You have a beautiful family, Rhonda. I think I told you before that my oldest son, 12, is PDD-NOS and my 9 year old has the birthmark on his forehead and people are always asking him what the bruise if from! poor kid. And it looks like our DH's are the same too!


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Yea, I have readers!!! Thanks everyone! I will try to keep you entertained.:RpS_rolleyes:

Yes Jill I do remember!! You have those cute twins right? You have a beautiful family too! We definitely need to meet some year since we would probably be great travel partners!!


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So in late June of 2009, we took our very first trip with the buy 4/get 3 promo. I bought the Ultimate Guide and really liked the idea of a plan. So I went online and searched around and found TGM. I LOVED it. :RpS_wub: I joined in March so spent 3 months planning our first trip. Boy is it tough when you have NO idea what you are in for. You can study all the maps and read all the info, but when you step foot on property, it all seems so different! :RpS_confused:

I way over packed for our 8 night trip. We had the Quick Service Dining Plan and bought some groceries from Wegoshop. We stayed at CBR in a pirate room, rented a car and spent one day at SeaWorld. I was really glad we had the car because the pirate rooms are waaaaaaaayyyyyyy away from the main building so we used it mostly to go to the pool or grab a meal. We only drove twice to a park and found that we were happy with the buses. We went all green days but stayed away from a lot of things because of Molly’s aspergers and not knowing how she would react in such a place as Walt Disney World. We skipped all big coasters but both kids fell in love with Splash Mtn.

Here are some of the picture highlights of our trip:

Pool at CBR:

Breaks are REALLY important! (Liberty Belle Riverboat):

Philharmagic later in the evening, we had all the room we needed to keep Molly happy!:

Dinoland at about 9:30:

Pirate room:

Mid-afternoon at Epcot on a green day:

Muppets at DHS in early evening:

Really when you look at a lot of the pics, you would never believe it was late June! I honestly cant express enough how valuable this planning information is. We should all be bowing to people like Josh who provide us all of this awesome information :hail:

It took almost the whole trip to figure out how to best use the dining plan. My best discovery was getting baked goods from the bakery as your dessert at the resort food courts. We had 7 meals and 20 snacks left by the end of the trip. I don’t like that they are going to only 1 snack on the QSDP next year. I really liked being able to say “yes” to my kids so often. That was a nice treat for all of us.

Immediately after returning home, I was ready to book our next trip-but hold the phone! Ace says NOPE:RpS_ohmy: So I give it a couple of months to see if he will change his mind, but no go. :RpS_mad: So now what??? Enlist the help of your best girlfriends of course!!!!:RpS_biggrin:


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Awesome, awesome picture of you and Molly in Epcot!
Love the Riverboat pic.


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Yay, I'm glad you started a trip report! No way could I be limited to one question a day. My family would probably like it though.


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Yay! I'm in. Gotta love trip reports. I agree - totally passes the time while you wait for your trip.


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I'm so in.

1 - My 11-year-old stepdaughter is an Aspie, with cormorbid ADD-inattentive dx, as well as moderate binaural hearing loss. We're pretty lucky, her "meltdowns" are pretty easy to catch now. Her "quirks" involve moving sidewalks / escalators (she's terrified of them), not liking to be upside down, and terrified of jumping into water. It's part of the motor control issues.

2 - I love the "passed out kid" pic. I call those being "moused out". LOL

3 - We were also sucked in by the 4/3 promo. Yeah, they've more than got their money back from that one ... LOL

ETA: If my family limited me to one Disney question per day, they'd be truly sorry. Seriously, I'd just plan the trip my way and tell them "sorry Charlie, you told me just one question per day. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." hee hee


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Thanks everyone for the nice comments!! It is fun to go back through those old pics and see how much the kids have grown!! I dont think I have any by one particular thing to compare growth year to year. We had started with Minnie's chair in ToonTown but, well you know........

Hilary, I remember when you were going through the diagnosis process. Sounds like that has really provided some help for you guys in knowing how to catch her meltdowns! YAY!!! Isnt that so key???? Molly wasn't diagnosed until almost 10 and I remember colleagues asking me why a diagnosis was so important to me, but it just was. I know it is all psychological but it really did help me to be more patient and more observant about her behavior. Now we (mostly) know how to avoid them.

So, good and bad news today. Bad is I feel like crap. Probably getting strep.:RpS_cursing: But good is 1) we still have 18 days for me to get better, but the BEST news is Mason's vision is fine!!! The mole is not affecting his vision or his brain stimulation like the original eye dr thought. They wont remove it because the risks outweigh the benefits but that is fine with me too. I dont necessarily want my 7 year old to have major surgery on his face if he doesnt need it:RpS_flapper:

And at lunch DH said he is excited about our trip:whoo: