Our 1st MNSSHP


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Hi! So, September 3 will be our first MNSSHP. it’s me, hubs, DD7, DD4 and DS2. I have a couple questions. What should my itinerary look like? The only character my kids want to meet is Moana but I don’t want to wait a long time with 3 kids in the heat and I’m not sure if ‘tag teaming’ will work. The kids want to trick or treat, watch the parade and fireworks, rides and do the Disney Jr dance party. Also, a couple magic shots like the Headless Horseman and the hitchhiking ghosts. Hocus Pocus show, I am thinking the last show since our kids aren’t too interested and probably will be asleep by the time. How should I plan?

We will be dressed as Mr. Smee(me), Captain Hook(hubs), Wendy(dd7), Tinkerbell(dd4) and Peter Pan(ds2).