Our thoughts on CSR, June 2016


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Our family of 4 (2 adults, 2 boys 15 and just turned 13) stayed at CSR from June 5-10. We have previously stayed 3x at CBR and 6 times at different value resorts. We booked CSR solely because it was the only moderate available with a discount for our dates when we booked.

Check in - we used online check in, and we received 2 texts. The first was that our room wasn't ready yet (no big deal, it was early) and the second came around 1:00 that our room was ready and the room number. We didn't have to go to the front desk.

Location - we were in Ranchos 7B, which is what I had requested. We wanted to be close to the Dig Site pool, and this was a great location for that. It also wasn't too far from El Centro, maybe a 5 minute walk, but we only went there twice. Our room was on the back side of the building, facing the walking path around the resort, and it was a little tricky to find from the parking lot, but I am the only one who had trouble with that after we found it the first time :RpS_rolleyes:. We would have preferred to be closer to the parking lot, as we used our car most of the time, but I didn't think to request that and it wasn't worth asking to move.

Room - our room was clean when we arrived and housekeeping did a good job keeping it that way for us. No bugs, no dirt, no mold in the shower, nothing disgusting, nothing that shouldn't be there. We had plenty of space to unpack and put away all the junk we brought with us--food for breakfast and some lunches, plenty of snacks (we put those in the cubby space under the tv on top of the dresser), beach towels (on top of the shelf in the closet area), bathroom/getting ready stuff, clothes, rain jackets, etc. We had a large laundry basket for dirty clothes in the corner of the closet area beside the sink. Under the sink was plenty of room to store the empty large-ish tote that we brought food and other things in, the small tote that had the shampoo/conditioner/sunscreen/laundry detergent, etc in it (I don't put these in suitcases anymore since I had an entire bottle of shampoo leak all over my clothes during a trip once), and our small cooler fit under there as well. Our kids won't share a bed, so we had a twin-sized air mattress in the room. We slid the desk down close to the dresser/tv stand, and moved the two little stools and put the air mattress in front of the window. During the day, he stood the air mattress up in that space so we had room to move around. The mattress didn't block the door, it was just hard to go in or out the door and have to step around it. The sliding doors separating the bathroom area from the main part of the room were nice to have, and I liked them better than a curtain we've had in other resorts. Our only complaint was that the room was always too cold, especially at night. After the first night, we turned the ceiling fan off when we were in the room and turned the a/c up a degree or two and took care of that. I brought a comforter from home, and we put that on our bed after the first couple of nights.

Pools - Weather didn't cooperate a whole lot for swimming, but we used the Dig Site pool twice. It was a really nice area, kids and hubby loved the slide, and we didn't find it too crowded. We didn't have any trouble finding a chair to put our towels and things on, even in the middle of the day. I would have liked to have more time at the pool, it just didn't work out this time. We didn't use the quiet pool, but it looked nice when we walked by; there were always a few people in it, but not crowded at all.

Laundry - my husband did a couple loads of laundry at the Ranchos pool one day. He threw the stuff in and then went to the Dig Site pool, and came back in a little while to change to the dryer. The machines did not take cash, only a debit or credit card. He finished laundry around 4:00, and then got a message around 8:30 or so that night that his dryer was done. I guess the app/website/whatever doesn't work the greatest, but that is not a CSR thing, the laundry was "owned" by an outside company.

Buses -We used the buses a couple of times in the middle of the day (drove to the park, left our car in the close parking space we had, used the bus back to the resort for a break then back to the park in the evening), and we used the bus to the MK both ways. This is our 10th stay at Disney, and I don't think the buses are necessarily better or worse than any of the resorts we've stayed in. We didn't wait long for the bus in the afternoon back to the park one day, but the other day, it seemed that we had just missed a bus and we waited about 15 minutes. We mostly used bus stop 4; there was a bus board there, but it either wasn't working or wasn't turned on. We did get off the bus each time at stop #2 and walk to our room. We had to stand on our way to the MK on Tuesday morning, which is no big deal,to us. The second morning that we went to MK, we went to bus stop 2. The bus board there was working, and it was accurate. The bus was almost full by the time it got to stop 4, and I'm not sure if everyone got on. We waited quite awhile to get a bus from MK each time, but that could have just been the timing because there weren't many people at the stop when we got there. No complaints on the buses from us. When our kids were little, we were definitely bus people. We drove to WDW and left our van parked the whole trip. Now, we prefer to drive our own car and control the timing, but the bus works fine when we want to use it. It was convenient when our kids wanted to leave a park before we did; they were able to use the bus to get back to the room and we knew they would be safe.

Pepper Market - We only ate here once, for dinner. We got there around 5:00, and the lines were very short or non-existent. CMs were friendly. Oldest son and I both got the cheesesteak sandwich and fries, my husband got the pork, rice, and veggies, and youngest son got a personal pizza. Everything was really good, the portions were huge, and we were happy with our meals. We had planned to eat breakfast here on our last day, but we didn't end up having enough time.

Final thoughts - This was our first stay at CSR, and it was a good stay. We didn't have any complaints or problems, and we liked it well enough, but we didn't love it. I would stay here again, but it wouldn't be my first choice. The resort location is great, it wasn't far from any of the parks. As for the CSR/CBR debate, we prefer CBR for the atmosphere and the layout. I can't point to anything and say that is what we don't like about CSR, it just didn't click for us, I guess. It is a nice resort, it just isn't our favorite.


I really liked CSR when I stayed there 9 years ago (can't believe it's been that long). Only issues were long walks to El Centro from our room (not as big of a deal back then when I didn't have knee problems) and Pepper Market was pretty bad, mediocre at best. Glad to hear PM has improved since.