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For now, my family and I are planning on a trip to Disney World in September. We are trying to eliminate eating inside restaurants as much as possible. We will be staying at Bay Lake Tower and Boardwalk Villas so we will be able to eat some meals in our room. Any good suggestions on restaurants with outdoor seating? Or does anyone have insight into how full restaurants have been since opening?


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If we go in October, we are also going to try and avoid interior restaurants as well.

When you are at the Boardwalk, it will certainly be easier. You have both the pizza window and the bakery that have no interior seating, and there are plenty of tables on the boardwalk. In addition, it is a short walk to Epcot and you have all of the Food and Wine booths. In fact I was just looking over the menus for the Food and Wine booths this morning. Across the water, Beaches and Cream also has a walk-up window.

At the Contemporary I believe your only choice will be the Cove Bar by the pool. But Ft. Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge are on the same boat route with the Contemporary. Geyser Point at Wilderness Lodge is outdoors and you have P&J Southern Takeout at Ft. Wilderness.

In addition, we plan on ordering delivery from local non-disney restaurants. This will be easy since we will be staying in a 2-bedroom at OKW with a full sized dining room table and the table on the balcony.

Hope that helps.


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Tom Bricker wrote a helpful blog post on this topic.