Park hours


Before our 30 day FP window opens I'm trying to rework plans to make sure I've got big enough gaps between leaving at night / coming back in the morning. So, trying to think about likely park hour changes for our trip the week before Easter (4/04-4/10). We're offsite and not fans of walking in a mob at RD so I'm trying to plan FoP & maybe SDD & 7D to ride at closing.

Currently on our dates, daily park hours are: MK & EP 9-9. HS 9-8:30. AK 9-8.

I looked at hours April 2019, Thanksgiving, Christmas & this month, plus hours for After Hours events, and it seems park hour shifts are likely to be in this range:
  • EP will likely remain 9-9, with a low chance of one or two 10 pm closures.
  • HS: I hope opening shifts to 7 or 8 am for GE, but anticipate HS will close at the currently scheduled 8:30 (maybe 9 pm).
  • AK closing is likely to push back to 9:30 most days to add a 2nd RoL. Last April AK had 9:30 closures almost daily with RoL @ 8:30 & 9:30. One of the only exceptions was for After Hours, when AK had a 30 minute gap between closing & After Hours beginning. This winter they've kept a one hour gap between park closing & After Hours.
  • MK:
    • Will almost certainly be open until 10 pm on the "After Hours" days (both 10-1). Might close at 10 pm every night. Might close at 11 pm a night or two.
    • It looks like 8 am openings are likely to happen about 3-5 days during the week. I assume those days won't be Extra Magic Morning days (Sun or Thu). Any other thoughts on days MK is less or more likely to have an 8 am opening?