Park tickets and entering the park

Oh my goodness I know this is probably a stupid question but I have tossed all of our old magic bands. We arrive this weekend and I see the 6 day tickets added in my account and I have park reservations for each day but what on earth do I scan to get into the park. I don’t see a barcode in the Disney app???


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If you don't have an iphone (I don't), my best guess is that you should stop by guest services outside the park on the first day, and they will give you ticket cards.

If you do, then check MagicMobile like Courtneypo says. I don't think it will be a bar code but may use the RFID or bluetooth in the phone.
Ok thank you both! I do have an IPhone and I did find my email with my tickets from undercover tourist that I used to link into the My Disney Experience app. But I will read up on that article you posted to see if I can figure that out! I wish I hadn’t tossed all of our old magic bands now.