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Wanted to take a quick break from disney talk to ask each of you to please remember my precious state of Alabama today. Once again, within 9 months, we have been hit with F3 and F4 tornados. Remember and pray for those who lost loved ones early this morning and those who have lost their homes. Hardest hit counties... Again... are Tuscaloosa and Jefferson. We need a break from tornados. It is 74 again today with more severe weather headed our direction Thursday night. Thank you Lord for taking care of us!!


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I've been praying since Sunday night when I heard there was a good possibility of violent tornadoes heading that way. We have family in the Albertville/Guntersville/Arab area (between Birmingham and Huntsville). They had a small tornado in Albertville in 2010 and of course we saw the devastation from last years tornado when we visited last year. :RpS_sad:

Praying from Texas.


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checking on my sister is Trussville, they had some damage last time. Nothing too major, hoping it is the same this time. Looks like it should be from the maps I've seen.