Pools at the Poly


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Just a quick question regarding the pools at the Poly. Are they big enough to support all the guests? My husband thinks they look small and is leery of staying there. He'd prefer Beach or Yacht Club with SAB and their quiet pools. I like the thought of being close to MK. I know it's all personal opinion, but has anyone thought the Poly pools are too small? We would be traveling at the end of August with two teens, 16 and 17. Thanks for your opinions.


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we preferred the quiet pool outside tokelau to the volcano pool, so we spent most of our time there. (In June). It was occasionally pretty busy, but never so much so that it was uncomfortable. It is true that Beach and Yacht have more total quiet pools... And I don't think any of the other resort pools can touch SAB as far as amenities. That said, I think more people try to book Yacht/Beach for park light vacations making the pool more used than other resorts. Also Yacht and Beach combined are close to 1225 rooms where Poly is only about 850, so overall there are potentially more people with access to those pools. I think you will enjoy either resorts pools, and there is value in the location and amenities of Poly that Yacht/Beach don't have. Personally, I wouldn't let the pool be the factor that decided my trip unless we were not going to the parks much.


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We stayed at Poly for a week long spring break and the Volcano pool was never crowded. It was less busy than SAB this year at spring break.


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When we have stayed there the volcano pool was no busier than other resorts we stayed at, and the quiet pool by Tokelau had very few people and was a nice relaxing experience. I wouldn't be concerned.


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Thank you all. I'll tell my husband. We've stayed at Beach/Yacht before and he likes it. I think he doesn't want to be disappointed with the Poly since it's hard to say when our next trip would be. Plus we've never been in the summer. We've traveled in October, November and March. We liked March the best despite the crowds and being from Wisconsin we were in the pools every day. We rope drop, have a long break at the pool, dinner, back to a park. We love to park hop, too. I'd love to try the Poly...just trying to get my husband on board. Thanks again, everyone.