Pop Century - August 2016


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My 5 year old daughter and I stayed at Pop Century last weekend for a special mom and daughter before kindergarten trip. I had never stayed at a value resort, but with just 2 people, I wanted to save some money. We booked a preferred room, and ended up in the 70s section near the playground. I probably would just book a standard room if we ever go back, but they were sold out for our dates.

As as soon as we got off Magical Express at 10 pm and walked into the lobby, my daughter declared Pop the best hotel in the world! She loved the kids TV room right by the entrance, and we actually visited that area everyday just for her to hang out a bit. It was bright, colorful, and had free Donkey Kong, so it was nice.

the room itself was ok -- very small, but had everything we needed. I'll admit that I can't imagine staying in one room at Pop with a family of 4 for more than a night or two, but other than the small size, the room itself was fine. Everything was clean, and there was plenty of space for 2 people. I thought my bed was a little hard, but my daughter had no complaints. We rented a single stroller and there was just enough room to store it by the front door, but the room would be really tight if you need a double stroller.

I thought the the food court and shopping area were nice and offered a variety of meals. I liked all the selections, definitely more options than at AKL and Poly, where we have stayed recently. We visited the Hippy Dippy pool and kiddie pool behind it, and even though the resort is huge, the pools didn't seem too crowded. I missed having the zero entry areas, but my daughter had a lot of fun and even enjoyed wearing the provided life jackets. The bus service was pretty good, and I think we only had to wait more than 10 minutes for a bus once. They had wait time monitors up, but they weren't always turned on and were placed akwRdly so it was hard to see them from a lot of the lines.

I wouldnt hesitate to stay stay at Pop again, especially with only 2 people. If my family of 4 were traveling together, I would probably need 2 rooms, which is probably more money than I would spend to stay at Pop.


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Thanks so much for sharing your report - it sounds like you had a great stay.
I'm staying at Pop next week, and like you, I've never stayed value (just AKL and OKW for me) so I was a bit unsure - you've really put my mind at ease.
I'm thrilled the room was clean and functional, that's all I want, and I'm excited that they seem to be implementing the bus monitors - shame about the locations though.
Also, glad to hear the pools weren't too crowded, I'm not much of a swimmer on vacation but I might take a dip just to cool off now and again!
So glad you loved Pop, hopefully I will too!


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Glad you enjoyed POP! I stayed with two other adult women on my last trip and it was a tough squeeze for sure. I don't know how families of 4 did it; heck I don't know how we did it!!


Thanks for the report. Pop sounds like the best value from what I've heard. If we ever want to do non-deluxe it's somewhere I'd strongly consider.


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We love Pop!! First 2 trips was with 4 people in the room and, you're right, it's pretty close quarters! It still worked well for us. Last trip was just me and DD. It felt downright roomy with just the 2 of us!


Our first two trips we stayed at POP. The first time for 7 days, and the second for 10 days. There were only 3 of us too.
Both times we had a preferred room right above the big pool.
My reasoning at first was, "Why spend 3 times as much just to shower and sleep."
Yes, the rooms are a little small, beds are a little hard (I liked them though) but clean, colorful and dedicated buses.
We would stay there again too.
POP Rocks!


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We've stayed at Pop twice with a family of five (including a baby under 3)! Yes, it was a tight squeeze, but we didn't care-we were just so happy to be able to afford to go. Now he is 5, and there is no such thing as a "bargain trip" anymore. I would stay at Pop again in a heartbeat if they would let us all cram in one room, but they won't. We spend so much time at the parks, that where we sleep doesn't matter much as long as it is clean, and the kids love the theming at Pop. Not to mention the great food court and the wonderful buses.


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Glad you enjoyed POP! I've stayed there and loved it. We upgraded to moderates due to crowds, but I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again. Very fun resort! Thanks for sharing!


I stayed in Pop with my 4 year old daughter. There were things I preferred about it - the bus system was very logical and the layout where you walk through the lobby to get to the buses was a huge plus to me. I had a room in the Tramp Building in the 50s section, it was really close/not a long walk. Loved it. The room itself was tight. I wouldn't want to stay there with any more than my daughter and myself. Mousekeeping was great and she set up my daughter's dolls in a little scene each day, I think it was her favorite part of the trip.


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Stayed there September first. Just a night this time, but we've stayed there four other times it's kind of like our Disney home. Thoroughly enjoyed it again. The bus system was very good ate breakfast at the food court. Pancakes very good. The beds are the only thing it seems that a lot of people wish were more soft including me. But for a resort I'd definitely give it a 8.5 out of 10.