Pop Century vs. POFQ


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Saving $700 will also pay for a lot of Lyft rides if you're walking to the POP bus stop and it looks really busy. We found the small expense for Lyft was worth it for the time savings and eliminating the potential bus aggravation on busier rides.
Well, don’t let that saved $700 burn a hole in your pocket either. You’re not saving anything if you’re just going to spend it elsewhere on things you weren’t going to use in the first place. :RpS_biggrin:


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These decisions all come down to what’s “worth it” for you, and only you can really know the answer. Everyone has a point when they’ll say, “I’ll pay x for that, but not y.” For my family, after trying out two moderate resorts, I’m no longer willing to pay any more money for a moderate over Pop. It’s not “worth it” for what we want to do on vacation.

For us, the resort is not a major decision.


For what it's worth, we've always thought the bus system for POP was great. I love the structured lines for each bus at POP. I thought to general boarding area at POFQ to be stressful and prone to displays of rudeness and idiocy.

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We've been back and forth between those same resorts for the last few trips, and while DH & I love POFQ, my kids & parents love the POP and theming so we usually opt for that & the discounted rates. I don't find I'm able to decompress from the parks as well at POP but everyone else is fine with it. We've had no noise or bus issues at either. I really didn't like the bus situation at CBR either.


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I'm on the POFQ team. It's SO much quieter and calmer and nicer - and I love the boat to Dis Springs. For $700 it would totally be worth it for me just to have the peace at the end of the day. We typically go in March and often have buses almost to ourselves going to the parks from POFQ.


I stayed at both this year: Pop in July with 4 to a room, and POFQ by myself in September. I truly wish it had been the other way around. :)

I LOVE Pop, but there was precious little room for me and three teenagers to move around each other now that there are queen beds in there. I suppose we could have put the murphy bed up out of our way, but there never seemed to be time. And the food court really was rather zoo-like, even in the middle of the day. POFQ is a hidden gem...I loved absolutely everything about it, but then again, it was my first solo trip and it was four days of peace and quiet that I have never needed quite so badly as I did last month. The food court has an extensive selection and is much smaller because the resort is so small. Even a "crowd" there seems fairly tame. Buses were totally fine at both resorts...very close to three parks and fairly regular and on time.

$700 is a LOT of money, so you are basically looking at whether that amount is worth it to you for more tranquility, fewer people, and a good deal more space (and sinks!) in the room.