Pop to EP for Breakfast


Does anyone know what time the buses and Skyliner usually start at Pop Century?
I'm hoping to book a breakfast at Garden Grill, and I'd like it to be pre-park open if possible, but if the transportation doesn't start early enough I'll just book close to park opening or after opening to be safe.

Edit: Oops, probably should have put this in the transportation forum. Sorry!
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Skyliner was starting at 7:30 am before the shut down. Buses earlier but not as frequent. It's hard to know what it will be like when they reopen though. I would expect modified service at first.


I was under the impression that if outside of operatic g Skyliner hours that the buses ran more frequently. That the once an hour buses were primarily outside of park open and close due to the amount of people that need to be moved at those time periods.

On our last visit in October we used the buses during open and close times and the Skyliner during other times.

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