Port Orleans Riverside Aug. 2016


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My fiancée and I stayed in POR building 35 (Alligator Bayou) second floor from 8/27 - 9/1. I had requested a room close to a bus stop and close to the food court/lobby. Our room was about the furthest you could be from the lobby, probably a 7 minute walk but it wasn't that big of deal since we hardly ate at the food court anyway.

What we really loved was how close we were to the west depot bus stop. Once we figured out the layout, it was about a 2 minute walk. The really nice thing about west depot is your the first stop to be picked up, which pretty much guarantees you'll have your pick of seats. On a couple of bus trips, we went all the way around and also stopped at POFQ a number of times. On the way to MK was the only time we couldn't pick up more than one other bus stop before all the seats and all of the standing room were full.

We found AB really charming. Our room/section was clean and quiet and we were also right next to a nice quiet pool. We did have a Murphy bed which took away drawer space but we kept our clothes in our suitcases on top of the bed.

Overall, we really liked the resort but it is a bit of a nuisance going around to other 4 bus stops as well as the French quarter so that's something to keep in mind.