Positive Service Experiences


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I've been feeling a little jaded about some of our customer service experiences at WDW but had a few pleasant surprises on our most recent trip. It is nice to feel like the magic can still be there.

We had just arrived at WDW after a wonderful first Disney Cruise. Getting our luggage and ourselves to check in was not the most pleasant experience and I turned to my husband and made a comment (not within any CMs hearing of course) about how it was back to reality and that WDW service felt even less magical after the cruise experience.

1. But then I had to eat my words when the lobby concierge (we were not staying club level) offered to help me with dining reservations. It was a same day change. We wanted to change our dining reservation that evening. We didn't think the grandparents would be able to tolerate the heat at the parks long enough to stay at Epcot until dinner. There was nothing available at first, but the concierge offered to keep checking for us and would take care of the cancel fees and change us to something at the resort. As we left I didn't really expect him to spend much time checking for us. A little over an hour later I got both a call and a text from him and he had arranged our first choice, booked it, and taken care of everything!

2. The security guard at the monorail station brought my mother a cold bottle of water (for FREE) because she thought she looked hot.

3. A monorail boarding CM called ahead to our ADR to let them know we would be late because of a hold on the tracks.

4. The CM at the check in podium at 'Ohana played trivia with my kids and handed out leis during a long wait (the people next to us had waited 45 minutes and another group an hour after ADR time). When she found out we had a bus to the airport we were getting nervous about making (we thought we had a nice buffer between ADR and bus time, but when your table takes 60 minutes to be ready...) our table was ready 2 minutes later.

5. We requested bed rails for our room...and they were actually there when the room was ready!!!! We have made this request countless times and the bed rails have never actually shown up in the room at check in, we always have to call housekeeping.

6. A baggage CM at Grand Floridian driving the luggage golf cart offered us a ride and dropped us off right at the entrance to Narcoosees.

7. At Narcoosees the server offered our under 10 year old kids the option to order off the adult menu on the dining plan (which he probably wasn't supposed to do...)

Some of this was likely due to traveling with elderly parents, the CMs really seemed to be looking out for them. It makes me sad to see how much they have slowed down in the last year. It's like they hit 78 and went from my spry parents to "elderly".

And as I read back over the list some of the things I mentioned would be the baseline expectation at a deluxe hotel outside WDW (like a concierge taking care of dining reservations or a request for bed rails being fulfilled without having to ask twice). But it was still nice to experience some of the things that I thought were gone, and to have multiple great CM interactions (which have become fewer and farther between the last few years as staffing has gotten cut and the pressures of volume have increased).
Thanks for sharing! It's great to hear positive experiences. And I relate to the change to "elderly" parents; it's a difficult transition. I hope this was a wonderful trip for them!


This is nice to read. We, too, have felt a decline in service in recent years and I find that it's the little things that really make a difference.


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I hope this was a wonderful trip for them!
I'm happy to report they enjoyed themselves, even in the upper 90s and real feels in the 100s. I was a little nervous they'd come back vowing "never again" but they are still on for Spring Break 2020!
So sweet CMs helped to look out for your parents. Good times are multi generational trips =)

Those extra touches are what keeps loyalty to the Disney brand. On our last park day at AK, I ran over to buy almonds while my others were grabbing lunch. At the register, realizing I had no way to pay after checking out, the CM smiled and said "go ahead, take them". $6 isn't much in the Disney bubble but wow, that gesture of gifted and especially the time saved in not having to return won my heart <3 Not many places grant the staff the ability to make these decisions.


A few years ago, on our last day, I pulled up to the TTC parking attendant. He said "Magic Kingdom?" and I said "Yes, Please!" I guess he liked my enthusiasm because he then said "It's on me!" and let me through. It was only $17 (or whatever) but it made me love Disney even more.