Quick Questions about Epcot and HS touring


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I'm not a beginner but I am bringing some newbies with me in May and I just wanted to know if the rule of thumb still applies with Epcot---do Soarin' first then TT at opening? They will be wanting to ride both. Also, with all of our group (7 adults) wanting to ride ToT, RnRC, Slinky, and MFSR.....what's the best strategy you think? Head down Sunset first? Or go right to TSL? This assumes we get there at rope drop. Thanks~!


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Agree with Test Track before Soarin'.

If the park is full (all park pass reservations taken), there's no good way to do those 4 DHS rides with short waits. ToT has been finicky lately, sometimes having the longest waits in the park when it's not operating at full capacity. If it's the #1 priority, I would probably do that first. If you're really early, I would do Slinky, MFSR, ToT, RnR. Those first 2 seem to reliably open pretty early, and you could get back to ToT at about official park opening. RnR is definitely the lowest priority, at least as operations currently stand. If you're at-the-rope early, you guys should do MMRR first before going to Slinky, too.


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Test Track before Soarin' for sure. Frozen at the end of the night or if you get a little luckier and the wait is shorter in the afternoon.

Studios remains pretty wonky. I have a post about it this weekend and if I can get myself out of bed to go we'll take another round of touring from the ground at the end of this week.