Quick Service and Snack Booths During Epcot Evening EMH


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Are quick service locations, such as Sommerfest, open for the duration of evening EMH at Epcot? Other than full service restaurants having last seating at 9pm, what else should we expect will be closed during evening EMH?


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From my experience, things being open is pretty hit or miss during EMH at Epcot, especially after 10:00. Be prepared to see a few things no longer operating, while others still are.

For example... as of my last time (1 year), Les Halles in France was open during the entire EMH, but I found out the hard way that La Cava in Mexico was completely shut down and everything cleaned up when I got there at about 10:30.

Looking at the Disney website you can plug in your date, and it shows times for each place... which should be pretty accurate (though not always 100%). Looking just now Sommerfest was listed until 10:00, La Cava until 10:00, and Les Halles until 11:00, just for a few examples... but there were some things listed as 9:00 even on the EMH dates.