"Rainy Days and Mondays" always get me down


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We've been at WDW for a hurricane (Jeanne in 2004), arrived the day Katrina blew by (just a lot of rain and some wind) in 2005, had a TS come through on the day we were leaving one year, and been there twice when a tropical storm came through on my son's birthday and rained at least part of the next day (same kid), plus the typical rainy afternoons. It is almost a running joke with us now, there will be some sort of rain on our trip, but what can you do? You can't stop it, it does no good to sit around and whine about it, just go with it. We dumped the ponchos a few trips ago, and we all bring Columbia rain jackets now. We like them much better. I keep a ziploc bag in the pocket of my jacket to keep my phone dry. I wear a ball cap to keep the rain off my glasses. We wear Keen sandals because there is nothing worse that wet socks and sneakers. DS likes to spend his bday at Studios, and we have had to change plans because of Indiana Jones being down, the stunt show (before it closed), and I think that is about all that has affected us. A lot of people do leave the park or stay in (in case of the TS coming through). I think AK is the only park we left because of heavy rain, and that was late in the afternoon when we were almost done anyway.