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Our local school district foundation has just announced a partnership with the local cable internet provider to accept donations to provide internet services for the school year to students that do not have access.


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All of this is why I felt mostly relief when our district announced all virtual and didn't give us a choice (and then I feel guilty for feeling relieved, because obviously what is manageable if not desirable for us is very difficult for many).
Same. There is a lot of concern and a lot of local brainstorming about how to provide support for students for whom full virtual learning is a challenge - daycare, learning pods, etc. At-home learning simply didn't happen for some students in the spring, and while the 4th quarter of last school year was basically just a review/write-off for everyone in our district, we can't settle for that again.


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very noble of the monopoly cable company to help raise money to pay itself
And I would wager a fair sum, they plan to only provide this "service" in areas that are already served, so the actual out of pocket cost to them would be negligible. But as I said, I have become militant on this issue.

While you add mores fees, the people need online! Your days are numbered, you monopolistic swine! ¡Viva la Revolución!