RD HS but not going to GE


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Need advice for RD HS one morning. We were not planning on going but now we have the opportunity to go. We have already ridden smuggler's run in DL, so we don't feel the need to get there crazy early and rope drop for GE. But last time we were in HS we didn't get to do much of Toy Story and we want to ride all that this time.

Any advice on when we should get there in the morning for those? I looked for FPs but most are mid day already.

Plans so far
Thursday - RD MK - don't want to change this we have good FPs for the morning
Friday - Epcot - Don't want to change we have breakfast at Akurhaus
Saturday - AK
Sunday - Epcot then MNSSHP in the evening.

I'm so torn on what to do....any advice??


You will be fine on any morning if this is your September trip and you're staying at Coronado with access to EEMH. Those start at 6 and Josh's posts indicate that getting there shortly right at or shortly before 6 will be plenty early enough for anything other than GE.

If you want more specific advice, please include more details, like the dates of your trip and whether you have parkhoppers. If your question is just which of the days listed you should change, then it sounds like it has to be one of the last 2 days--either day is fine, just decide which of Epcot or AK you'd rather miss (or spend less time at).


Are you going in the next two months (when Extra Extra Magic Hours are being offered, and you are eligible)? Then this post by Josh should have the info you want - https://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/rope-dropping-millennium-falcon-smugglers-run-at-disneys-hollywood-studios-during-extra-extra-magic-hours/ My impression is if you get there at 6, you could ride everything multiple times. If you get there at 7, you could ride everything once. If you get there at 8, you might have a bit of a wait at SDD, and TSM, but nothing prohibitive.


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Trip is 9/18-9/23 Arrival and departing dates are not park dates. Yes we have park hoppers. I was really wondering if it would really be necessary to get there at 6am, we are traveling with twin 3 yr olds and I'm afraid that may be to early for them.