Recent bus experiences from Kidani to MK for PPO ADR?


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We have an 8:05 ADR at BOG in early August. Have buses from Kidani been starting at 6:30 lately and if so, what time do folks generally get to the Kidani bus stop to arrive by 7:30ish? Also, are they shared with AKL at that time of the morning?



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I have never taken the buses, but I think that 7:30 is too late for an 8:05 ADR. Remember, you aren't just talking about waiting for the bus and travel time, you need to walk all the way from where the bus lets you out, through the turnstiles, and down main street to BOG. The walk alone from the bus to BOG it probably 15 minutes. just a guess on my part.


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I think you're asking what time to be at the bus stop to arrive at MK by 7:30. That would be a good arrival time for a 8:05 ADR imo, allowing time for the walk from the bus to security, getting through security and tapstiles and up to BOG.

If it were me, I'd aim for 6:30-6:45 to be at the bus stop. Buses should start running about 6:30. My thinking is, if I get down there at 7:00 and just miss the bus, then I'll be waiting about 20 minutes for the next one, and not arriving to MK until about 7:45 and adding a lot of early morning stress.

Another option might be just getting a Uber to the Contemporary about 7am, which should get you there about 7:20-7:25 putting you on about the same schedule with the walk/security/etc.


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Thanks everyone. Yes, my plan is to arrive at MK by 7:30. I have 7 other people to get out the door, 5 of whom are girls ages 10-18, sooo, I am trying to figure out what my drop dead, be at the bus stop time is. Last year we took a Minnie Van (when they were a bit cheaper and we were a party of 4), unfortunately, there is no uber/lyft that does 8 and I don't want to spring for 2, so it looks like 6:45 is our time. I'll probably tell them all 6:30 which should get us there by 6:45. :RpS_wink: