Renting DVC points


My family and I are looking at going to Disney either the first or second week of December and are considering renting DVC points for a few reasons.

1. Party of 6 (kids ages 12, 10, 7 and 3 at time of trip) with potential of 2 grandparents joining us
2. My husband is interested in buying into DVC and I strongly feel like we should "test drive" it first. Additionally, I don't think we could purchase our own points and get it all done in time for a December trip
3. My husband feels strongly about staying on site. He enjoys not having to rent a car and not having to drive at all that week.

One of my main questions right now is on using a travel agent. We have a travel agent that we really like and use her when we can. Since she won't be able to help us with the room, is it worth her time to help with anything else? I don't want to waste her valuable time if there's not enough payback in it for her. Any travel agents on here have an opinion on this?

Also, any other advice on renting DVC or where to stay would be greatly appreciated. On our past two trips with kids, we stayed at CBR and YC. I've been reading Josh's reviews and am strongly considering Wilderness Villas, AKL villas or BLT right now. We really enjoyed being able to walk to Epcot and HS from the Yacht Club!

Thanks in advance for any help! Hope everyone on the East coast is staying warm and safe during this storm.


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Can't help on the agent stuff. But we rented points for BLT from David's, and it was a great experience. The resort was quiet and relaxing, even though it was right in the heart of the action. Being on the monorail didn't make much net difference in convenient access to parks, but it sure was great to visit other resorts/restaurants so darn easily by monorail or boat. It made for some fun impromptu adventures. Kidani is next on our list for rented points. I'd be hesitant to book Wilderness Lodge because of all the construction going on.


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December is an extremely popular DVC time; the 11-month window is almost upon us, so buying with the idea of booking one of the more popular resorts might not be an option at this point. You'd be looking at 25-45 days from start to finish to be able to book as a new owner. Unless you buy from Disney, which isn't recommended from a financial perspective.

Best to start your search now on (if you're gong to rent directly from an owner), or through David's or similar.


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I don't think there would be any payback for a TA helping you. Not sure what else you are looking for ... but they wouldn't get anything for helping with ADRs or FP+, etc.

I agree to book soon for early Dec.


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I would check some of the other rent/trade boards on some of the other popular DVC forum sites...I have used the sight to rent some of my points in the past and I have never had a problem


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I'll just add...we just recently booked through Davids for September. The process was so easy -but we didn't get our first choice. So book as soon as possible. I already have our reservation linked with MDE. We are staying at a 1 bedroom at AKL and I am so excited.