Renting through VRBO


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I've narrowed my choices down to this one for our Oct trip. My only concern is that there is only 1 review posted. May I ask for someone familiar with off-site rental to please review this listing. Do you see any red flags? What additional information should I request from the owner?

Thank you for your help.


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Owners control their guestbooks on VRBO. I would not worry about a lack of reviews (nor would I put a lot of stock in the ones you do see).

This listing looks okay to me. It's a tad close to the Western Expy, but maybe not a problem. Remember: you don't need the perfect house. You just need a really good one. And, the time you spend looking has value too.


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We have a house we always stay in at IndiAn Creek that we found thru Vrbo. The development is fine. Most of the houses look the same! We have not had any issues.
I do have a friend that owns a 5 bedroom in Indian Creek that she rents out. It's called SouthBrier, I think.
But-- the house you posted looks lovely, and if it meets all your criteria, then I'd take the leap.


an enigma wrapped in bacon, deepfried and drizzled
I had looked at Southbriar but it is unavailable for our dates. Thank you for your oppinions. Hoping to book this week and check that off the to-do list.:RpS_smile:


an enigma wrapped in bacon, deepfried and drizzled
I requested, and quickly received, additional reviews from the owner. I also got a little pixie dust when he confirmed the price. I thought the nightly price he quoted me was before tax but it actually already included tax, so the total was less than I was expecting. :RpS_w00t::RpS_thumbsup: I will be booking in the next couple of days.