Are our dole whips linked to our reputation? I have "2 dole whips" but there is only one green light. I'm not bothered about there only being 1 green light under my name, because maybe it means that I've eaten one! LOL :)

Not That Josh

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It looks like there are many levels/categories. You have "2 dole whips" with one green light. I have "2 dole whips" with two green lights. George has "a spectacular aura about" with two green lights. And there are many more levels if you look at other people too.


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someone left a red mark for a thread and left the comment, "you don't have to be a jerk". reread my posts in there and can't see anything close to that from anyone's posts, let alone mine. can't see the author either to ask why.
This kind of made me laugh. Reminded me a bit of Charlie Brown: "I got a rock." I'm sure if it were me I wouldn't think it was funny. Can I ask which thread?


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I'm guessing it was "Disney still hasn't opened the January dates, thus the creation of the original post. Can't imagine...." I can see how that might have been read. It would be nice if you could know who you upset so you could clear it up.