Rescheduled - will they send new DME tags?


We rescheduled our trip last Tuesday, and two days later the DME tags for the original trip arrived in the mail. Since these have the April date on them, will they send us new tags in September?

I'm assuming that we won't get another round of Magicbands (we got these back when we booked in September because Mom bought a special band) -- when I look at our plans on MDE, it's still showing that original Magicband shipment.

Mrs Darling

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I think the Magic bands will be the same but I would go in and edit the DME flight info when you have it. If anything triggers new tags I would think that would do it.
Keep the MagicBands and any MagicBand you ever buy or receive. They will work for each vacation you take from now until the battery in them goes out. I usually take 3 or 4 of mine each trip to change with the outfits I wear. The CM said they should last about 2-3 years, but I have one that is going on 4 and still active.

Go to and reorder the ME tags. They will resend in August, if not earlier.