Reserving FP+ when part of group arrives a few days later


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My immediate family is going to Disney 4/24-5/1 and my parents will join us on 4/28 through 4/30. We are staying at 2 different onsite resorts. Our FP window opens in a few weeks - I will only be able to make my family's reservations at my 60 day mark, correct? I will have to go back and make my parents FP reservations when their window opens 4 days later, right?

Has anyone ever done this? Wondering if I should make our FP reservations as we are able to and then try to add 2 person reservations when their window opens up? It's been a minute (5 years) since we've done this whole FP thing and I can't remember if you can increase the size of your party after you've made a FP reservation....

Excited for time together as a family but hoping this isn't too complicated with our arrival dates 4 days apart.


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You should be able to reserve everyone's fastpass at 60 days from first check in. I did this for my parents about 3 weeks ago. They check in a day after me but I booked all of us at 60 days from my check in. You just have to make sure that there is at least 1 onsite person in the party for each FP. And once booked you can't modify those FP without keeping someone in the group who is 60 days or less from check in.

The "add guest" is still an option if you are adding someone in to a FP later. But "change party" is gone so you can't swap an existing FP between 2 people.


Also, make sure everyone, including your parents, are listed in your planning party before it's time to make FPs.


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Thanks Sprout and Anne - They are part of our planning party although the last time we went all together they were listed under "plans managed by me" and now they are not. Hopefully that won't matter in case I can't figure out how to put them in that category before next week.