Resorts Frequently Asked Questions (work-in-progress)


Which Disney on-site resorts are in which category?
Value Resorts:
All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, All-Star Sports, Pop Century
Moderate Resorts
Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, Fort Wilderness Cabins, Port Orleans French Quarter, Port Orleans Riverside
Deluxe Resorts
Animal Kingdom Lodge, Beach Club, Boardwalk Inn, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge, Yacht Club
Disney Deluxe Vacation Club Resorts
Animal Kingdom Villas - Jambo House and Kidani, Bay Lake Tower Villas, Beach Club Villas, Boardwalk Villas, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs Resort, and Villas at Wilderness Lodge

Where can I find out more information about each resort?
Our wonderful host on easyWDW, Josh, has already compiled some great information on each resort. Here are some links to the information on the easyWDW site:
Value Resorts:
Moderate Resorts:
Deluxe Resorts:

Additionally, here is a link to resort reviews:

What are the types of prices I can expect at each resort?
2011 rate tables can be found here:

How many people can I fit in my room?
Note that all the responses below come with the "in general" caveat. Due to the many different types of rooms and configurations, there are often exceptions. When in doubt, it's best to ask your specific question here in the forums.
  • Basic Disney resort rooms hold 4 people + one infant (under age 3). Exceptions are any rooms with fewer sleeping spaces than 4, such as a King Bed room which only holds 2 + infant.
  • Some deluxe rooms contain not only 2 Queen Beds, but also a daybed. This results in an occupancy limit of 5 + infant.
  • The Fort Wilderness Cabins sleep 6 + infant.
  • The All-Star Music Family Suites sleep 6 + infant.
  • DVC Villa resorts have occupancies ranging from 4 + infant (studios and some 1 bedrooms) to 12 + infant (Grand Villas).
It's important to note that for safety and fire code reasons, Disney will not let you book more people into the room than the occupancy limit. Anyone who is not officially on the reservation will not get a Key to the World Card, access to the EMH perk at the parks, the dining plan, or be able to use Magical Express for transportation to and from the airport, can't use any pool that might require showing your room card (like Stormalong Bay), and probably other things as well. If you have multiple children under the age of 3, only one counts as the +infant. Any others count towards room occupancy.

Aside from what I posted above, Disney will let you know how many guests fit in each room. Simply go to and select the resort type (Value, Moderate, etc.). From there, select the resort. On the left hand side, select "Room Types and Pricing." That will show you the various room types, the maximum number of guests per room, and the cost of the room per night. It also has a description of everything to expect from the room, including the number of sinks, beds, microwaves, etc. It's a pretty helpful look at the resort's amenities, pricing, etc.

What is on-line check-in and how does it work?
Disney now offers an on-line check-in process, intended to speed up your check-in process at the resort. 10 days prior to your check-in date, you can go to the Disney site, enter your reservation number and check-in. You can connect your credit card with your reservation at this time as well, allowing for you to use your Key to the World Card (KTTW) for charging purchases at the resort and park.

This is more of a "pre" check-in, in my opinion. It allows Disney to prepare your check-in package in advance (with maps, park schedules, KTTW cards) and just hand it over to you at the desk. There is a dedicated check-in line at the resort for those that have done on-line check-in from home. It does not mean your room will be ready prior to the normal check-in time, although some people think it helps that. You will not be able to find out anything else during the on-line check in, such as room location or room number. Those will still not be known to you until you arrive at the resort and your assigned room is ready.

You cannot make any specific room requests (location, floor, etc.) using on-line check-in.

What resorts have what types of transportation?
Transportation is a complicated thing @ WDW and specifics will be best answered on the Transportation board, but here is some general information about resorts and transportation. Not all resorts have bus transportation to all locations.

Value Resorts - Disney buses are used to get to all locations from the Value Resorts.

Moderate Resorts - all moderate resorts have buses to get to all parks and DTD. Additionally:
Port Orleans French Quarter & Port Orleans Riverside have boats that will take you to DTD.
Ft. Wilderness Cabins have the same transportation as Wilderness Lodge = boats & buses.

Deluxe Resorts (this is where it gets complicated)
Depending on where you are trying to go, the following types of transportation are available at each Deluxe Resort:
Animal Kingdom Lodge = bus
Beach Club/BCV = boat, bus or walking
Boardwalk/BWV = boat, bus or walking
Contemporary/Bay Lake Towers = monorail, boat, bus or walking
Grand Floridian = monorail, boat or bus
Old Key West = boat or bus
Polynesian = monorail, boat or bus
Saratoga Springs = boat or bus (and walk to DTD)
Wilderness Lodge/VWL = boat or bus
Yacht Club = boat, bus or walking
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