Restaurant PPO at MK besides BOG?


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I haven't been to WDW since 2015, and my friend and I are VERY light eaters, especially at breakfast. In 2015, my GS and I went to BOG PPO and I got a pastry and coffee while he had a kids' breakfast. So I planned that again for my friend and myself, to have a cup of coffee and "a little something". But now I see it's a prix fixe menu at $28 pp, so that's out for us (especially before 11 AM).

So what would you choose? I mostly want a cup of coffee, something light, and a nice walk around a quiet park before park opening. A pastry and coffee, or something else that wouldn't be much to eat would be great!


You guys could both get kids meals at BOG, which you can do via mobile order and will still come with a tray of pastries.

Since 2015, MK has changed its opening procedure to allow everyone on Main Street and the hub an hour or so before park open. BOG is the only breakfast that would let you get to a part of the park that is closed to others. In your case, I might just do Main St Bakery (Starbucks).


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With the new opening procedure, you’re let into Main Street rather than being held at the train station, you can just go to Main Street bakery and window shop.


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Thank you for the suggestions! I didn't realize that we'd all be on mainstreet instead of the train station. There goes my chance to get a few photos without tons of people, though!


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BOG isn't fixed price, it's just that all the adult platters are the same price. You can certainly order kids breakfasts or just coffee if you prefer. My sister and I split the charcuterie and it was plenty.


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Well, for me that's not the first time we go to wdw, and I have a sister in Orlando so I'm always prepared. We usually take a flight and get to her house early in the morning, the kid is sleeping. She has a good coffee maker at home, like one of these, Keurig or something, I'm looking for something like that right now. And usually, I get a thermos full of coffee with me, and if my daughter gets hungry I have a couple of bananas, apples, etc. in my bag.


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Be Our Guest breakfast is fixed price, but you can order as many meals as you want and that's the amount that you'll be charged. Technically, you could make a reservation for four and order one kids' meal, unlike a buffet where everyone through the door is charged a set amount. I'd consider it for the rope drop advantage to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Peter Pan's Flight, but it's awfully expensive for anything else.