Restaurant recommendations?


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We have typically done one TS per day on all our past trips. With five young children, we've always leaned toward character meals. But, last trip, we were hit by sticker shock with how much the dining prices have gone up! My kids are getting older and less interested in characters (they will be 7,9,11,14,15 next trip). So I am thinking of branching out and trying some less expensive/different TS meals this year.

If I am choosing just a few TS meals for our next trip, what would you suggest for our family? Thanks!


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Kids (7 and 8) like Sci Fi and it's one of the less expensive TS.

I hesitate to recommend it, but T-Rex at DS is a great value. HUGE portions. The quesadilla appetizer could be a meal for 2 people. Food very chain-ish (lots of oil and salt and preservatives and out of the freezer stuff). But overall tasty and well prepared for what it is (and better tasting than the luau food ;-) I had the new grain bowl and it was better than average, but they did add a lot of oil. And the kids adored the dinosaurs. Lots of options at DS are going to be a better value than at the parks/resorts.

Plaza at MK is another less expensive TS, not as much atmosphere as sci fi.

I would still probably do 'Ohana dinner. The price is pretty bad when you've got adult-priced kids. But there's lots of food, it's usually pretty good, and it can fill you up for the day. We'd do the early dinner at 3:30-4 pm and just have snacks the rest of the day. Maybe it's just childhood nostalgia, but eating there feels like quintessential Disney.


I would like to second the 'Ohana recommendation. My kid loved it just as much as I did. We also always share meals at Rainforest Cafe due to the portion size. Who doesnt love the rain storm and all those animals. The only thing is that sometimes the service can be rather slow.

I enjoy Sci fi, but I am not as big a fan as I used to be. The skimmed down menu is now just ok. It has a chance if being too corny for the older kiddos. I would also recommend the buffet at Trails End. Tons of food. Definitely cannot walk away hungry.

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I'll dissent from 'Ohana. While I'll agree it's fun, I believe the food quality has dropped pretty significantly over the last several years, and with three "disney adults" as kids you're looking at $70+ for each of them (including tax and tip).

My 16 year old enjoys the campy/corny movies at Sci-Fi.


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We like the Wave and Boma, although we usually like Boma for the trip to AKL. It can be a little pricey. We also like Beaches and Cream.


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The Wave used to be a standby for us when paying OOP. But on our last trip we noticed a significant price increase and smaller portions. My husband and I split a meal, it was still really good, but expensive and just a couple bites of each item per person. It was a reasonable portion for 1 person, we have just gotten used to the extra-large Disney portions so the change drops it a little in the value-for-money calculation. Again, still very good. Also the breakfast buffet continues to be a good value if not looking for characters, and if someone not interested in buffet there is still an a la carte breakfast menu. I've also noticed similar price inflation at Kona.

We've enjoyed Beaches and Cream too. Another place with huge shareable portions. I will be curious if anything changes on the menu when they re-open or if it's only the physical space changing.


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I think Skipper Canteen (MK Adventureland) is one of the most underrated table service restaurants in Disney World. Be sure to look at the menu beforehand, as the entrees are a bit more adventurous for Disney World.


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I forgot I started this thread 😬

Thanks so much for the responses!

We tried Skipper Canteen two trips ago. I think about 2/3 of us enjoyed it and 1/3 of us really disliked it. So we haven't been back to that one.

Plaza, Ohana, and Sci Fi are some of our favorites.

Interesting that the Wave was mentioned. We've never been there and my DH suggested we try it.

We love Boma too, but it never really seems worth the drive if we aren't staying at AKL. This upcoming trip, my 13 year old asked for it, though. So I think we might drive over on our arrival night.


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Via Napoli's in Epcot is a great, less expensive sit down meal if you like pizza. Plus a family size pizza is really cool looking as it is so large (although with your family size, you'd probably need more than just 1 large pizza).
If you have a non-park/"off" day, I'd recommend making the trek over to Trail's End in Fort Wilderness. We love going at about 10 AM for a late breakfast, and it's remarkably well-priced. Plus, the atmosphere is just such an incredibly relaxing oasis away from the noise and crowds of the parks. We generally go there for breakfast, then wander around for a bit, enjoy the quiet, sit on the rockers on the porch, and then hit the Settlement Trading Post. They have some great FW-specific merchandise.


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50's PT can be fun and has good food. The good thing about there is the meals are so large it is easy to split, especially if you get milkshakes. DH and I split a meal and a milkshake and it is a lot of food for both of us. Sci-fi is good, but with a party that large it could be hard to sit all together, especially since you have an odd number. Its why we haven't taken DD there, odd number of people make it more difficult. The Plaza is good for a lunch, but I usually want something heavier for dinner, it is really just sandwiches and such at least the things that appeal to me on the menu are.

I too agree I got sticker shock last year, the character buffets have gone up way too much. We are dropping most of them (still going to do Crystal Palace and Garden Grill) and sticking with regular TS and some of the better QS instead. Good thing DD is outgrowing the characters anyway.
I'd second Trail's End. Also, Whispering Canyon Café was always really good when I had it.

I've always enjoyed Sci-Fi too. It's somewhat "Disney cheap".