Reviews from Anniversary Trip last week!


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This is my first new thread on the boards. I have been lurking for a while reading all the great info here, so I wanted to post my experiences in case it would help someone else out!

We took a 20th anniversary trip last week and the food was amazing! We were not disappointed one time and had great food and great service every where we ate. We also were able to change around and make some same day reservations too so that helped. We ate at the following table service places: Ohana for dinner, Sci-fi, The Plaza, and the Hollywood Brown Derby. We were not on a dining plan.

Ohana dinner: We ate here on our arrival night. We had a 7pm adr and arrived around 20 minutes early and we were sat at exactly our adr time. The food here was amazing!! We ate here back in 2009 and we were not impressed. So we decided to give it another try and I'm so glad we did. It was a great way to start out our trip. This is for sure on our repeat list next year. My favorites here were the steak, shrimp, wings, salad, and the bread pudding.

Sci-fi dinner: We wound up here on our actual anniversary night. This is not where we planned to eat. We wound up at the studios last minute and got a same day adr here. My dh really didn't want to eat here, but he went along with it. We had an adr at 8:30pm. We didn't wait but about 10 minutes. Service and food here were very good. We ordered the fried pickles, cheeseburger, and the reuben. We didn't have room for dessert as the portions here are large. We could have shared a meal, but we wanted to try different things.

The Plaza: We ate here on one of our MK days for lunch and we love this place! We had an 11am adr and only waited about 10 minutes. We ordered the cheese fries, a club sandwich, and the banana split. We shared everything and it was more than enough food. Food was fresh and good, service was great, and I got to eat looking at the castle! Very nice lunch!

The Hollywood Brown Derby: We went back for a late start at the Studios one day and this was also a same day adr at 12. This was my favorite meal of the trip! We started off with a couple of cocktails and they brought out the bread, which I ate 3 pieces of it was so good! We ordered the large cobb salad and the filet and shared both. It was more than enough food. Then we ordered the trio dessert and shared. The food here was top notch and so was the service. This was our favorite meal of the trip and I can't wait to go back there.

For quick service meals and snacks, we ate at BOG for breakfast, All-Star Music food court, The Mara at AKL, Casey's Corner, Sunshine Seasons, Yorkshire Fish Shop, La Cantina de San Angel, and multiple food booths at Flower and Garden at Epcot.

I won't go in to so much detail for the quick service meals, but our favorites were in Epcot at Sunshine Seasons, Fish Shop, and La Cantina. We enjoyed sharing and trying different foods in Epcot. We didn't get two meals. We basically snacked around the world and it was so much fun! And the runner up being BOG breakfast at the MK. We had an 8am adr at BOG and we got to ride Mine Train twice before park opening!

Hope my reviews help anyone planning!! If you have any questions, let me know.

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How did the servers react to you ordering meals to share at TS. I'm always hesitant to do that even though I end up skipping dessert and/or tossing half because the portion sizes are so large.
I'd love to hear how you spent you park time etc. Any other general advice for kidless trips (I refuse to classify myself as an adult :RpS_wink:)


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We had zero problems with sharing. Every server we had made no issue of it. Even at the Brown derby our server separated our Cobb salad for us into separate plates. We made sure to leave an extra tip too when we shared. And also on the no kids trip (we are taking them next year, lol) it was so much different just us two, it was great though. We did no character meet and greets, which was different. It was also so much easier of course to only get myself ready, so making rope drop was super easy. We did 3 parks two different days like crazy people, even taking an afternoon break. For instance one day, we did emh morning at AK to do a few things and then hopped to Epcot for our fastpasses. Then took a break for a few hours and ended our night at the studios with a same day FASTPASS for Toy story mania and then was able to get another FASTPASS after that. That was the best day! I was determined to get tons done and maximize FASTPASS, which we did! But we were so tired! So worth it though! We plan on doing a trip just us every other year now if we can!