Reviews from our week!


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We were on deluxe dining (turned out to be way too much food for us and way too much time eating) and so ate a lot of places.

Narcoosses Brunch - Amazing. If you happen to be there on a Sunday and are on the dining plan, it is great and worth the 2 credits.

1900 Park Fare Dinner - Character interactions are good although were very rushed. The place was slammed. The food was probably worse than the average quick service place at Disney but no one goes there for the food.

Garden Grill Lunch - A new favorite. Everything was very fresh. The restaurant wasn't moving for some reason but character interactions were great. We saw each character 3 times during the course of our meal.

Be Our Guest Dinner - We always enjoy this. We always end up in the study because of our large group but still enjoyed. Food was ok - not as good as I remember from past trips.

Tony's Lunch - We really like the atmosphere here but the food was not good. The chicken parmesan was not even edible - three people at our table had it and none of the three could chew it. It was fine though because we were all so hot no one really had an appetite. The dessert however was good. Will not be returning here.

Narcoosses Dinner - Again, amazing. Everyone enjoyed their food and we watched fireworks from the porch.

California Grill - Everyone loved it. Watched fireworks from the balcony. They were great about working with a large party.

Crystal Palace Lunch - Very good for a buffet. Character interaction was good.

Citricos Dinner - Good but everyone preferred California Grill and Narcoosses. Dinner here went on for almost three hours. Service was very slow.

Rain Forest Café at Animal Kingdom Lunch - Actually really good. Everyone enjoyed everything. Kids loved the Volcano dessert!

Raglan Road Dinner - We love this place. Food was good, kids had a great time watching the show and some even got on stage to dance. The only thing was we probably will not go again on a Friday night - it was mobbed. We had a party of 12 - first were told to split 6 and 6 so we said that was fine. 30 minutes later were told to split into 3 groups of 4 which was fine except I told them we needed all low tops for disabilities and high chair needs. Our pagers went off and we were at high tops so had to wait even more. Once we got seated everything went fine.

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Thank you for the reviews! I'm glad you had some nice meals. We ate at 1900 Park Fare for the first time last year, and I was surprised at how mediocre the food was. I guess it's stil the same. At least the characters were good, but I don't plan on going back.


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Love your quick hit reviews! I am re-thinking whether or not to keep our 1900 Park Fare ADR. I've heard a lot of negatives lately. Hmmm ... what to do?