Rise of the Resistance, large group.

I sure hope someone knows the answer to this. We are going to be a party of 9 trying to get boarding passes. Should I have my daughter try to get passes for 5 of us and I try for the other 4. Or should we try for all nine of us at once,


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If you try to do it as separate groups, there is a good chance you could end up with boarding times hours apart. I’m not sure that group size matters much with RotR. I believe timing and luck are much bigger factors.


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I would suggest all nine of you try (or at least, everyone old enough to have a phone)

I know this is recommended but make sure that everyone's app is set up with friends and family.

On the first day, only I attempted to secure a boarding group and was successful grabbing one for all 4 members of the party. On the second day, my daughter and I both were going to try and secure one. I am still not exactly sure what happened, but she was able to get a boarding group first but it only selected her and her mother. When I got one, it only let me pick myself and my son because my daughter had already put them in a group. They were hours and hours apart.

Luckily, I explained what happened to a cast member and they told me to come back in 30 minutes and ask for so-and-so. I did, explained the situation again, and she was able to put all 4 of us in the early boarding group.