Rivers Of Light Schedule


We're planning a last minute trip to Disney over Thanksgiving. We really want to see RoL but want to make it as painless as possible. The dining packages are all booked. I'd rather not use a FP on it, but right now there's only one show scheduled. Do they normally add a second show? And if they do, how far out do they make that decision?


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Maybe Thanksgiving week will be more crowded, but most days you won't need FP or dining package. It's just not that popular. Generally during higher crowd weeks they will add a 2nd show. But you just never know with all the cost saving pushes. If it were me, even Thanksgiving week, I would gamble on standby.
I'd gamble on standby as well. Get familiar with the various entrances as you pass during the day. They're scattered around depending on FP, stand-by, dining... know where you'll need to be before it gets dark. Plan to be near that area pre-showtime and keep an eye out, be prepared to jump in if they look crazy long.

If they do the second show, that's much easier.


I ended up getting a FP for it. We'll only be at Disney 4 full days, with a very late arrival on Tuesday night. We'll be spending a day and a half at MK and AK and might have some overlap with attractions which gives us some flexibility.

All that said, I'll keep an eye on it during our full day and see if we can sneak in standby and then swap out or FP for something else for the second day.