Room requests for BLT and BWV?


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This is our first stay at BLT and I am SO excited! We have a 2BR and a studio, both Lake View. Our #1 request will be that our rooms are near each other. But beyond that, is there anything we should ask for as a secondary request? We do have 5 kids and probably 2 strollers, so is being near an elevator a priority? Or is there something else?

For BWV, pretty much everything is the same: Garden/Pool view 2BR and studio (although we are waitlisted for standard view). #1 is that the rooms are near each other. We've always asked to be near the elevator in the past and we have gotten great rooms. I'm not sure we can really ask for more than those two things, but is there something I'm not thinking of? Although, now I'm wondering about the Garden/Pool view, since we've always had standard in the past - are all of those rooms nearer to the elevator? Is it not something we have to bother asking about?

Thanks for any advice!


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While I havent stayed at BLT yet ( I was hoping to on our last trip but it wasnt available for our dates) in my research I have heard people say that requesting high floor, even numbered room is the way to go. In some cases with that request you can get a small bit of theme park view. Only the even number rooms face the outside and look at MK or the contemporary.


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At BWV.....the very best rooms in my opinion are the Studios that look out over the Grassy area just outside the lobby...and those are Garden View rooms. But that might be too specific for your needs. I would request rooms near each other, near the elevator and with the large balconies. (Those large balconies are amazing....the others not so much.)