Room/ticket package question

Art Vandelay

that's a shame
My mom booked a room/ticket package at CBR for four nights in October. She just invited DW, who has an AP. When my mom called WDW to add DW to the reservation, she was told that she must purchase the same ticket (5 day ph) as everyone else in the room or there would be a daily charge to have DW in the room, and DW could not use DME or EMH.

Is this correct?
Is your dad (or some other adult) also going? There will be an extra charge for more than 2 adults in the room if that's the case. The other stuff sounds off to me, but packages are funny, so I don't know. It might be best to book the room and tickets separately.


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This was several years ago, but we were told those in the room with APs were exempt from needing to purchase a ticket for a package.

The one exception is free dining (or other discount packages that require a ticket). Then everyone has to purchase the same ticket. If that is the case you can save the ticket for a future trip or to put toward an AP renewal. But be aware you likely won't get full retail gate price value if used toward an AP because even though the packages say "free dining " they actually allocate a discount to each component of the package.

If it's not a discounted package I'd try a different CM. Or worst case do a no ticket room plus meal plan package (you need to call for that) and then everyone in the room without an AP can just purchase tickets outright and not through the package.