Rope drop with early opening


I'm wondering if anyone knows how HS is handling their new rope drop procedure with an 8am regular open (12/13)? Also, for 8am EMH at MK they do the welcome show around 7:50, right? I've always avoided EMH before so I haven't paid close attention to that info.

With the changes in schedule my current plan is to head to the park that is opening at 8 each day, stay until a little after 11 and then do lunch/nap in our room before heading to the recommended park for the afternoon. My DD4 will have us up no later than 6:00 anyway so it seems like wasting valuable park time to wait for a 9am opening! Still holding out a little hope for more early openings with an additional schedule update for the week starting 12/13 but coming up with a backup plan anyway.

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HS has an 8:00 am open on 12/14? I looked over the updates and must have missed this. This is the day we are going o RD Hollywood Studios. So glad I saw this.

ETA: Just saw that you corrected the date to 12/13.
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I would expect the same or very similar procedure with a regular 8am open. For morning Extra Magic Hour at Studios, they should just let you head to the attraction of your choice once you're past the Mickey readers. Magic Kingdom welcome show is at 7:40am with an 8am open.