RUMOR: “Disney Premier Access” Replacing FP+


I'm not sure why uncovering the FP kiosks means paid FP. They could just as easily be getting ready to go back to the previous system as introducing a new one? Although if they are going to try to monetize FP, sadly this would be the time to do it.
I don't understand the headline either. It could very easily be just making sure everything is in working order before reintroducing the same free FP+ system. Regardless, the point of my post was that at least there appears to be some sort of activity, and hopefully an announcement is coming soon.


wishes he had a pink frolicing llama under his tag
My 60 day window is coming up next week for my 9/26 (Sunday) check-in for our 50th Anniversary trip, and I can’t help but wonder if (hope that?) they’re trying to get everything back up and running for those travelers starting that week.

Re-reading the above made me chortle. Like that’s going to happen.