Running of The Belles


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We have an 8:15 BBB appt for this exact reason. Want to be at FL RD. I'm a little worried about the 8:15 time, but we'll get there early and hopefully get started a little early. Last year we got an 8am appt and were done by 8:35 or so (without the photo session or anything).


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What about on a party night? We are not going to the party so we know we need to be out before 7pm. The girls and I are headed to tea at 2pm and then I thought we'd come back and do some princessy things without their anti-princess brother. So 4pmish on a MNSSHP party night? Is that a good idea?


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We are going in Oct too, and I've been thinking the same thing as Lisa.
But I was thinking even later. We only have 1 day at MK with a large group of 12. We have a ADR at CRT at 1:30, so that's our break for the day.
If we go around 6:00, anyone think the wait will be shorter?

I've done the running of the belles back in Dec with just two of us and I don't want to do it again!
Any thoughts?


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wow!!! thanks for the info, i would not have known to do Rd the way you described and ended up in group!!!


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We've seen it twice this week with ZERO wait at 9:30PM. The first time, something went wrong and they stopped early. A cast member opened a door and pushed a big red button and Belle RAN out. Everyone got fastpasses to get back in for the next day. We didn't use those, but went back a few days later and again had no wait. That night, my husband was a knight and my daughter was Philippe.


this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
I love hearing that. I've conceded my position for the running of the belles and have decided to try it prior to wishes instead. I hope I get the same luck as you next week!
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this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
Doing this much later in the day worked out perfect for me. At 7pm on a crowd level 6 night (MK open until 11pm), posted wait time was 30 mins. Using Josh's timing tip (4 mins per 50 people in line), I estimated 15 mins. It was 15 mins to get into Maurice's workshop.

Glad I knew the 4 mins for every 50 people, or I wouldn't have waited.


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Thank you!! Especially for the warning about the ME video!! I am so glad to be prepared for that. I'll mention it beforehand to the kids. My kids are pretty good at understanding that there is always a trade off - whatever we do means we are NOT doing something else.


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We also did it recently at 7PM, on a 9PM and 11PM MSEPs and 10PM Wishes evening:

50 mirnutes posted wait
20 minute CM estimate
20 minute Josh estimate at waitz
14 minutes to the Workshop


Was there for RD this morning (only here two days, so no choice but to go on this non recommended day). Got thru turnstiles and at rope at aprx. 820am and stood in Josh's spot on left of train and far right of rope. Made it to fantasyland before they dropped the rope there. Even with missing the stroller parking and having to double back for that, made it into Maurice's cottage right away and waited about five minutes to be let in through the mirror. Was back outside at 925am. I walked briskly (saw people running but I can't bring myself to run). ;o)

P.S. by the time we exited the line was winding around the outdoor queue. About 10-15 minutes after that the posted wait was 75 minutes and the line certainly looked to be at least that. I didn't envy the people in line; it was a real scorcher today, even early on.


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question - we will be going to MVMCP for our first time in MK this upcoming trip. It will be 12/19 and MK is the most recommended park. We should be in MK around 4-4:30 depending on our eating situation (currently have ADR at Wave but may just do counter service at our hotel ASMo) I was thinking of hitting ETWB when we arrive in MK and doing most of fanastyland preparty so that it is out of the way when we do RD at MK. would this plan work? we would likely do rides from 4-6:30, get ready with a snack and pick a character meet/greet and then just go with the flow for the most part seeing what my daughter wants to do during the party. Really hoping to get some headliners out of the way so our next MK day we can do RD to noonish then break, and hit most of the must dos.


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Josh - on 12/19 MVMCP could we enter park around 4:30, FP PP, do some fantasyland minor rides, maybe FP barmstormer/dumbo if needed, then do ETWB at 5:45 and be done in time to head to the line for the belle/beast meet and greet?


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Surprising my kids with a trip in 2 weeks. It's my 20th, their 10th and 9th trip.

I made an ADR at Crystal Palace for 0815 July 24th (we will arrive at 0800) after reading this thread. Yikes! ETWB is for boys are 8 and 9. Belle is my favorite! I hope I can get in the first group.


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Josh - on 12/19 MVMCP could we enter park around 4:30, FP PP, do some fantasyland minor rides, maybe FP barmstormer/dumbo if needed, then do ETWB at 5:45 and be done in time to head to the line for the belle/beast meet and greet?
It's unlikely there will be a separate Belle/Beast meet and greet. There wasn't last year if I'm remembering correctly.


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were the step sisters and cinderella together in fantasyland last year? any suggestion as which character line would be best to get in and when if we are over in fantasyland prior to the start of the party?


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Heading to MK on Wednesday, August 28. Myself, my wife, and our four kids ages almost 2 to almost 8. Plan on getting to MK prior to rope drop, but doubt we'll be there 40 minutes before and doubt we'll be the quickest group making it down Main Street to Fantasyland. In that case, is it still worth going to ETWB first since there's little to no chance we make it in for the first group or is it better to try later in the afternoon/evening? Our plan is to stay in MK until around lunch then head back to OKW for a few hours before going back to MK. We have a dinner reservation at BOG for 6:30.