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This morning marks 60 days until our June family trip. We got up early and logged in to make dining reservations online. We got CRT, which I thought would be the most difficult one, but something weird is happening with Sci-Fi.

When I search for lunch reservations for June 3 or June 7, I get this error message: "We were unable to check for available tables at this time. A problem may have occurred while looking for availability. Please ensure if you have a valid resort reservation, it is linked to your My Disney Experience account and try again." We have a valid resort reservation linked to MDE, or I wouldn't have been able to make our other reservations.

I've read several blog posts stating that Sci-Fi reopened already, and Disney's website says the same. Anyone have any idea what might be happening here? I'm able to make reservations at any other restaurant in WDW those days.

Thanks for any insight!


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In the Before Times, restaurants would sometimes not hvae inventory loaded into the ADR system until well after the 180-day mark. I suspect that's what's going on here.


I had problems last week using the app but better luck on the website. Did not investigate- just worked around it. Not for Sci Fi however.

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Sci-Fi is harder to get than you might imagine, but you'll want to keep trying and something will become available no matter what restaurant you're looking for. Also try switching browsers if one is giving you trouble.