Should I buy single day tickets? What rules am I missing?


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We're driving distance and schools won't be in session in person until late October for us. So, I'm thinking of going down for a short trip early fall when we can self-quarantine after. Initially I thought we'd just do one day at Hollywood Studios, but I'm considering another day or maybe two. Looking at the pricing, I'm surprised to see adding a second day or two is about as expensive as buying single day tickets. The last time I purchased a standard Disney ticket it was so long ago we got the no-expiration option. At that time, the first day was the big expense. Beginning with the second day, the pricing went down pretty noticeably, so I'm surprised to see the pricing work out this way. Considering all the extra flexibility there is with a never used ticket, it doesn't seem worth it to buy multi-day tickets even if I start leaning more towards a 2nd or 3rd day.

  • On Disney
    • $259.79 for a $143.70 1 day ticket for October 3 + $116.09 for a 1 day ticket on September 30
    • $243.01 for a 2 day ticket for use 9/30-10/03.
    • +$133 to add a 3rd day to the 2 day ticket
  • On Undercover Tourist:
    • $248.81 for 2 single days ($111.15 for a 1-day ticket 9/30 + $137.66 for a 1-day ticket 10/03)
    • $247 for a 2-day ticket beginning 9/30.
    • +$113 to add a 3rd day to the 2 day ticket
I was also surprised to see such a short window to use the multiday tickets, which makes me worry what other rules I'm missing. Even though we'd only go to the parks once or twice we'd probably rent a house for longer in part to have flexibility around bad weather. Reading the rules, for a single day ticket it seems I just have to change the date by midnight the day before the scheduled date of the ticket? What happens to the ticket if you don't go and don't reschedule in time? Does it really just evaporate if you miss rescheduling?


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and schools won't be in session in person until late October for us.

I made myself laugh reading back over my own post. As if there's any chance schools will be in-person in late October as our governor is literally suing all of Georgia's cities to stop mask mandates rather than mandating masks. But anyway, we have an official announcement that late October is the earliest possible date for in-person school.


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I don't have an answer to your question about rules that you might be missing, but it is nice to have an actual Disney park conundrum to think about it.

The question I think you need to ask is "If I have tickets for more than one day, what is the probability that I will go more than one day?" If you are almost certain to visit the parks on more than one day, then the multi-day ticket is the best buy. It gives you more flexibility on when you utilize them in the window (weather) and are slightly cheaper. However, if you are thinking there is a more than a slim chance that you would only visit the parks one day, then buying single day tickets would be the smart play. The value of that unused ticket could be applied to a future ticket.

At least according to how I understand the new rules.


In the last few years at least the cheaper price you are remembering does not come into play until day 4 and greater. We looked at 3 days and I almost fainted but bw 3 & 4 it was minimal. Maybe consider 4 not 2 using the weekend to balance the school days. Hope that helps.

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