Show me your pets!


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Very pretty! Pam - it's a mobile link and I could see it on my phone. There was a similar link on here once that I could see on my phone but not on my computer.
We have a 4 yr old Cockapoo we adopted from a shelter when she was three months old. She's hyper and comical but very sweet and well behaved. (love those big soulful cocker spanial eyes) I'll post a picture if I can remember how.


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This is our puggle, Scout. He's 4 and still extremely hyper - it's very hard to get a picture of him that's not blurred! I kind of like this one.

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Such cute pictures! So many good pet parents on this forum!:RpS_thumbsup:


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I'm new, but I can never resist showing off our fur babies :D

First is our Max (named for Maxwell Smart) the lovable mix, can you believe he's only a quarter golden retriever? Half lab, quarter spaniel. He just looks golden, like his big ole heart.

His first dip in the lake at my parents house in the summer. Being well... of questionable intelligence he jumped before he realized there wasn't an exit. The next time we visited he jumped in in the middle of winter time! He lucked out we found him before he froze to death our little dumdum. I ended up jumping in a freezing lake (thankfully only waist deep) to push him out. Silly mutt.

And then there's His Highness Oreo the clumsy cat. Known well for his feats of running into doors, walls, and falling off couches.

And finally the latest member to our fur family who only joined up a few months ago. He was deserted in a Wal-Mart parking lot (how they could turn away that face, I do not know) and we started fostering him and couldn't let him go. The Houdini of our family who escapes any situation, Captain Jack


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Jayme, does Oreo do kitty opera? And does he "cover" his food (like he does with the litterbox) when he's done with it? I've come across three different tuxedos that did those things along with the clumsiness.


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So freaking adorable! Any idea what breed Captain Jack is? And is his name a Doctor Who reference (maybe wishful thinking on my part...haha) or a Pirates reference perhaps?


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Okay, from the top :RpS_biggrin: Pam, you're definitely not alone. Oreo is a true klutz, I always thought klutzy cats were rare but I hear about them pretty often nowadays!

Lisa, he doesn't cover his food but he does occasionally do kitty opera. Honestly, I don't think he's ever had a chance to cover his food since the dogs know to stay away when he's eating but one of them inevitably cleans up after him.

Jill (or Amy :RpS_biggrin: ), why yes he WAS named for a certain Captain Jack Harkness that sometimes appears in the Doctor Who tv show :D Captain Jack is a Heinz 57 dog. We honestly just don't know. People have thrown out everything from basenji to shiba inu to a corgi mix. He's about 40lbs, has an adorable curly tail, long hair, and is an escape artist extraordinaire and that's about all we're sure of

And thanks Daisy! :RpS_biggrin:


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Here is my Dog Higgins. He is checking on AnnaMay who is sick today. He is a rescue mutt who is 9 years old now.


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I love the pic of Higgins with AnnaMay, he looks like a wonderful cuddle-buddy when you're not feeling good!


rescued daughter from turk - that crazy gorilla!
Thanks. She seems to have stopped throwing up but now is running a fever. Ugh! He is an awesome snuggle buddy when someone is sick except he has big tufts of hair that float everywhere and can make you crazy.


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Thought I'd resurrect this thread, because we just got the proofs back from the pet photographer that we took Lani to a few weeks ago.

Lani (the name comes from the Hawaiian suffix for "heaven/heavenly") is our (maybe?) nine year old cocker spaniel that we got six years ago from the Illinois Cocker Rescue. She's an absolute sweetheart, and will nuzzle up to anyone she meets and point out where we hide the key to the silver drawer if you rub her ears. That's Greg in the photo, which hasn't been touched up yet.